You are in the process of renewal. This process of renewal encompasses all aspects of your existence. Notice that we said your existence and not your life. This is important because your existence is so much more than this life here on Earth. But you know this.
You are re building your foundation. What this means is that up til this moment of Now you have been methodically dismantling your original foundation. Most of the time the actual act of this has been unconscious, but of course your soul was guiding you the whole time. You wonder how the ego played into all of this; yes it did, but not in the ways that you may think. You see, your ego evolves along with you, so your ego is always working in your favor. We have told you before that your soul will never lead you astray, but your ego, not so much. We never want to disparage the ego as it is an integral part of your humanity, but we also knew that you were in the process of dismantling your old foundation so that information was accurate at the time. From your evolved perspective, your ego and your soul have always worked in concert with each other, but they do not always agree. Your ego can override your soul’s choices anytime, although now you will find that more challenging. There are many reasons for that:

1. Your ego and soul are in greater alignment with each other.

2. You are much more in touch with your soul’s guidance.

3. You are much more aware of your ego as well, and are always learning how to love yourself with less and less conditions attached to that love.

Well done. But it is not over.

You are now rebuilding your foundation. This new foundation is the base for everything. Foundations have to be strong and solid. The one that you are building now is both strong and solid and will bring levels of stability to what is resting upon it. This too is a process. When a foundation is crumbling, it affects the levels that are resting on it. Deconstruction as well as destruction happens. De-construction occurs because you are dismantling the old constructs; the patterns and beliefs that are no longer solid. Your old foundation can no longer carry the weight of what it previously held up. Destruction is also part of this because you make choices along the way that destroy, often violently, the old structures. You do this so that you can no longer return to the old ways of existing. You are effectively destroying the past. You may also notice that your old foundation did not actually hold up your structure as well as you thought it did. As you say, hindsight is 20/20. We ask that you remove any judgment you may feel around that adage; we simply invite you to understand that at the deepest level of YourSelf, you have always known that your foundation was not permanent.

Your new foundation is structured in a completely new way. We have been reminding you that you are in completely new energy, so your foundation will reflect this as you rebuild it. Understand that what is supported by this new foundation is and will be new as well. Some structural components can and will remain the same, but the configuration will be new. We want to be very clear here: You are not restructuring every aspect of your life in the ways that your mind may be wondering about. What has been constructed in Grace remains. And much of what you have built was created through grace. (Love, gratitude, forgiveness and purity are all aspects of Grace, which is your natural state of Being.) All is fluid, and you are always re-creating the structure through your choices. Create in Grace.

Understand that as you are rebuilding your foundation, you are restructuring everything. Everything. You are part of the plenum from which all things come. Your energy is constantly in motion, and that motion affects not only your life as you witness it, but also the energy in the furthest galaxies. Your inbreath draws the universe in and your exhalation expands it. If the energy of YOU is powerful enough to shift energy in the furthest reaches of the universe, imagine how it affects your every day existence.  Know this to be true. You are a powerful Being in a time of great Change.