Friends, you have now spent a good amount of time, effort and energy on clearing old damaging beliefs, patterns and karmic energy from your Akashic Records, your energy field and your conscious awareness.
This greatly affects your body and your awareness of your multidimensional self. Can you feel this?
It is now time to become aware of the next steps in your growth, ascension, and the recognition of the truth of Who and What You Are.
Now that much of the karmic entanglements are being cleared (this will continue, as there is still karmic energy being generated) you are becoming aware that you have been creating the beginnings of new foundations as the old have fallen away.
These foundations are not complete, but you already know that they feel very different from the old foundations.
You are existing more and more in your New way of Being, which truly is your Original way of Being: Your Divine consciousness awareness, or the knowing that you are That Which Created You. As such, you are now approaching the time of reconciliation.
You have risen above so much of the old, lower vibrational energy that you are in a place of beginning to understand that reconciliation is possible with all aspects of your Self, (even those aspects which you did not want to identify with,) and everyone that you have released old patterns, beliefs and karmic energy with.
Understand that this is a major leap in your ascension process.
Some of the people in your life may have dropped away over the last few years. One reason is that your vibrational energy field did not match any longer. Sometimes people drop away as you clear the old patterns and karmic entanglements. Many will circle back around, but some do not. That is as it should be as you are not responsible for the awakening of others and each is on her/his own journey.
Many of you have been clearing patterns and karmic energy with those who are no longer in physical bodies.
All of this is very powerful as it is clearing old energy in all of time and space.
Reconciliation can now begin as you have done much of the work to forgive, understand, thank and feel compassion for everyone in your life.
Now you can begin to expand this to the world, and beyond.
This is the actual healing, friends.
This is what actually brings you to a deeper, conscious awareness that you are truly One with All.
~Clearing karmic patterns is powerful, life changing and freeing.
~Reconciliation is the healing and the realization that you truly have left the past behind and you are existing in your New way of Being, no longer burdened (literally weighed down) by eons of old energy.
~Reconciliation is the next step in your ascension journey.
~Reconciliation is the awareness of Grace within the self and within All Others.
~Reconciliation is living in Grace.
~Reconciliation is the end of the perceived separation between Source and humanity..
You are in completely new energy now.
Can you feel it?
One of the major beliefs that you all hold deep within your subconscious is the belief that you would not be here on Earth for this long.
You carry within you the fear and the expectation of the destruction of your current planet. This is an “akashic memory” that is carried in your DNA of lifetimes where you did become extinct; where you caused a catastrophic event in which most of you perished. (Atlantis is one example of many.)
This belief pattern is also connected to the one that speaks to how long the human body should live.
As you release old expectations and step more fully into the flow of expectancy you create new neurological pathways that carry the frequency of freedom.
Freedom from old beliefs and patterns, many of them damaging.
Freedom from the belief that you are enslaved to others that hold power over/control you.
Freedom from karmic entanglements, energy and patterns that have kept you bound to repeating the past.
The power of clearing karmic energy, the patterns and beliefs that are associated with it and the reconciliation that follows are how you heal and make the conscious choice As One to create the New Earth.
You have chosen to be Here, Now so that you could share this lifetime with the same people, groups, governing bodies and industries that you share many lifetimes of karmic energy and patterns with. You chose this so that you would have the opportunity to clear all of this energy in order to be free and able to consciously choose to raise your vibration, and to bring healing and reconciliation to All..
You chose this time of ascension, together, as One.
Anyone and any entity (corporation, group, race, religion, monetary system, governing body, etc.) that you feel anything towards now is someone/something that you carry karmic energy, old beliefs and/or patterns with.
Let us be clear about something: Not all karma is ‘bad’ karma. Not all patterns and beliefs are damaging, but many of them are what you would label as bad, harmful and damaging. We remind you that you are here to experience, and in your myriad human experiences, you have been and done everything that you can imagine.
You also created the concept of karma so that you would have the opportunity to learn from your experiences.
As Source consciousness, you created All That Is and everything in between so that you could experience all of it.
You are now consciously aware that you always have a choice, and any choice you make now originates from your heart more often than it originates from the ego. More importantly, you know the difference because of how those choices feel.
You can choose to forgive and to feel compassion for All, no matter who or what they represent.
Remember that the energy that you put forth into the world and the universe is the energy that is returning to you.
How do you clear karmic energy, patterns and old beliefs so that reconciliation can begin? You do this through forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, and understanding.
You clear using Grace, you heal through Grace and you reconcile in Grace.
This is big work friends, and it is life changing, for you: For All of You, in all of time and in all of space.
Next month we will talk more about dimensions of time and space, how you are existing in all of it, the deeper implications of that in your current “reality” and how reconciliation is of utmost importance.
Until then, know that you are held in the highest esteem.