Where are you right now? What is your current state of Being? 

Your contribution to your own personal shift as well as to the shift in consciousness for all of humanity rests in your current state of Being and how you feel about where you are, right now

Some of you may interpret the question “where are you right now?” as one that is asking where in your life process or purpose you are. Others may interpret it literally; where is your body right now?

Both are correct.

An important part of creating your reality as well as inviting in the changes necessary to create a new world is to be in appreciation of where you are right now, literally and figuratively.

What if where you are right now doesn’t feel good or you are unhappy?

It is possible to find appreciation for wherever you are right now, whatever the circumstances. At the soul level you have chosen to be here, now. Your soul/Divine essence/High self knows exactly what you need in every moment and there is always an experience to learn and  grow from. You came here to experience being human.

Remember that you are Source consciousness experiencing the illusion that you are human so that you would gain the experience of all that there is to life in a physical body in a dualistic, 3D world.

From that higher perspective, there is always something to appreciate and feel gratitude for. We speak often of the shift in perspective. Taking it a bit further, the shift in your perspective speaks to your deepening connection to your own heart, where source consciousness lives. As you remember this, you rely less and less on the ego’s perspective. The ego’s perspective has served a great purpose, and continues to help you navigate being human, but it is also self serving and limited in its human perspective. 

The more you look inward, connecting to your Divine essence/consciousness and existing in the State of Grace, the easier it becomes to fine tune your inner senses.

Not only is everyone connected, but everything is connected. Every teaching that we bring forth in these messages and every experience you have relates to everything else.

There is nothing that happens by chance or by accident.

As you practice shifting your perspective (it becomes much easier to do in your natural State of Being, that of Grace) you are able to find appreciation, even gratitude in every situation including the one you may find yourself in right now.

As your perception/perspective shifts, you will find that it is much easier to perceive or witness others from the higher perspective. You are able to find compassion for those that you may have felt animosity for, knowing that they are also Source consciousness in physical form, and they too are here to experience all that is available in your world.

This is the change that you came here for.  

This is the shift in consciousness that you chose to participate in. 

This is how you are creating a new world. And you are doing it together, as One.

Always remember that you are an electromagnetic Being emitting a frequency, and you will manifest only those experiences that are in the same frequency that you are offering to the universe. We invite you to pay close attention to every person, event and circumstance in each moment of now because it is reflecting back to you the frequency that you are emitting. 

Everything is connected.

You could say that everything is entangled, and that as you continue to release eons of limiting and potentially harmful beliefs, patterns and karmic energy, the knot of entanglement dissolves and balance ensues. Everything is still (and always will be) connected energetically but there is balance and alignment rather than tangles and knots. You will begin to experience a flow to the energy of life.

In your physical world, energy moves much more smoothly when there is balance and alignment. You are quite familiar with the knots and tension in the body. That is old energy and it needs to be cleared so that your energy is able to flow.

Every circumstance in your life is a gift when you perceive it in and from the highest vibration: Grace.

What can you learn from this experience both on a personal level and as a potentially deeper pattern? How are you now able to understand what you can do to change it? 

The way you perceive where you are right now is of utmost importance to you and to All.

Your intuition and your imagination are linked, and your higher perspective deepens and expands that connection.

Intuition and imagination together are a superpower, and you are able to use this power for the good of all.

You are included in All, so you certainly benefit. 

Prior to this time, the ego claimed superpower status. The ego is not heart guided or driven, it is fear driven. Again, it served a great purpose, but you are an awakening Being, ever more conscious of your own Divine nature, so you are trusting your heart and soul’s guidance more and more. The ego doesn’t give up easily, so often you may feel confusion in your decision making.

We invite you to pause and breathe, as that brings the awareness inward. Drop into the heart, connect with the light of Source consciousness that you are, and feel the quieting of the mind. You are stepping into your natural state of Being. Feel deep appreciation and gratitude for the Light that you are.

Now, use your imagination and drop deeper into the feeling of what it is you desire to manifest in your life. Spend time here in your inner world of feeling and imagination, expanding your desires beyond your immediate needs into a vision for your life.

Being in gratitude for what already exists, and what you are calling forth into your life is a powerful magnet. It’s your superpower.

We ask you again: Where are you right now and what is your current state of Being?

We honor Who You Are, and invite you to do the same.