We welcome you today. We welcome you whenever you read this, as time has no meaning. You receive the energy and the information in divine timing exactly when you are supposed to for your highest and best interests. 

We tell you that things are speeding up, and you feel it. In some it brings heightened excitement and touches a deep inner knowing that things are changing. The changes that are occurring are brought in upon new energy and therefore cannot repeat what you consider to be the past. Some of you feel anxious, nervous and unsettled about what is happening because it is a dismantling of all that you have known in this life and myriad other existences. Pause for a moment and address any self judgment about how you feel and why. This is all part of the natural evolution of your emotional self as you remember more and more of your natural state of Being. In fact, acknowledge the feelings that you have been having, allowing them to move through you completely and fully instead of trying to stifle or contain them. It is becoming easier for you to allow the movement of feeling through you, as attempting to contain or conceal it causes discomfort, even dis-ease. You are re-cognizing this and as you do, you deepen your own innate connection to your body, re-membering that you are whole and complete in body, mind and spirit. You are always coming into deeper alignment with Who and What You Are and it brings us joy to witness this.

We have spoken in past messages about The Time of Great Awakening, The Time of Peace that you are a part of ushering in to all of humanity. This is one of the reasons why so many of you chose to be consciously aware of this incarnation in physical form. (You are multi-dimensional and you are existing in all of time in This Moment of Now, but your conscious awareness is in your current physical form.) You are in the time of revelations now as well: Revealing to your self Who and What You Are. Because you have spent eons of time in some physical form or another, it takes time to re-member your God/Creator/Source Self, and even longer to trust that knowing. You question it, your ego wishes for things to remain the same, while your soul speaks ever more lovingly that it is Time to Re-Member. And so you do, slowly revealing your God Self to your ego self. And as you re-member and begin to trust, it alters your energy field, your Akashic Records and your perception of reality because you are easing into the Unknown with less fear and more trust. You are truly beginning to trust that you create your reality in every moment and you are creating from a new and enlightened perspective. Enlightened simply means that you are lighter; literally and figuratively. You are a Being of light and you are always bringing in more light. So your physical body is also altered as you become enlightened. There is no end to enlightenment, it is a process that continues for all of your existence, until you are once more one consciousness with that which created All. In that regard, you are always one consciousness with that which created All while continuously deepening into the awareness that this is Truth. What an experience it is!

So you perceive things as speeding up, and so they are. 

Your perception of time is dissolving, just like the old patterns and beliefs are dissolving as you embrace the unknown more and more. All that was based in fear is dissolving. This has been happening for many years, yet as time is “speeding up” it seems as if your world is crumbling while you are standing on it. We are here to tell you that All is Well. We have no reason to be anything but truthful. We are here to reassure you. We are here to remind you that you chose to be here for this life altering event. Each of you is waking up, and as you do, you realize that there are ways to help your fellow Beings and be gentler with your Earth. As you are waking up and dissolving old patterns and beliefs you are also realizing that as you create your reality in every moment, you have always done that. You have in effect, created the world that you currently live in, and that may trigger guilt and shame. We invite you to step away from any judgment that may surface around that statement, and pause and understand that you create your reality in all of time and space, in every moment. Remember, you are multi-dimensional, and you are existing in all of time, so you helped create this consensus reality. Now, we invite you to remember that this consensus reality is also the ultimate illusion. Everything and everyone is energy, and energy can be altered. You believe that you are existing in “reality” when in truth, this is but a dream. Here we invite you to imagine that you are in a little boat in a beautiful stream, not rowing your boat, but simply Being. Being in your boat, in the stream and going with the flow. Allow the flow of water (energy/consciousness/ LOVE) to guide you, to take you to where you are to Be. The song goes “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream….Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…Life is but a dream.” The only words we would remove would be “row” because you do not need to exert any effort at all, the flow carries you. And we encourage you to float merrily for life is but a dream! You are used to rowing against the current and that is a very prevalent and old pattern. Let it go and be in the flow. (Merrily!)

This can, and will change everything.

There is more. There is always more. You are capable of clearing karmic entanglements now which shift the patterns in your Akashic Records. As time is speeding up, so are your abilities to bring the necessary changes your soul desires into your conscious awareness and existence. You are multi-dimensional and you are multi-sensory. More in the coming weeks, friends. For now, we wish you Peace. (Which can be found within, as that is a part of Who You Are.)