Signs from the Universe are everywhere, and it is up to us to notice them. I was driving on the highway yesterday, and when I am in the car for an extended length of time I will use that time to contemplate life. (I could have said I meditate during that time, but meditating while driving is not recommended.)    =-)    So I do not go into meditation, but I do go within and connect to my own center/light/heart/Divinity and allow. In the place of allowing, much comes to light. So back to my road trip. I saw a truck with my initials on the license plate, which I took to be a “sign.” There was  also an actual sign on the side of the truck that said “Conscious Construction Co.”

I thought that was interesting, and in contemplating it and what it might mean for me, this question popped into my head: “Do I have a clear conscience?” We all have things that we have done that we are ashamed of, wish we’d done differently, etc., and I have done a lot of work around all of that. (I have to…It’s my work!)    =-)

Thinking about all the work I have done with forgiveness, clearing karmic energy, etc., (we are able to clear karmic energy now, given our state of conscious awareness) I knew in That Moment of Now that my conscience was clear. As there is only this moment of Now, and this moment of Now is our Point of Power and this is how we create our reality, I intended that my conscience become clear in all of time. In creating my own reality in that moment, my conscience was and is clear. (I was constructing my clear conscience!) It was and is very empowering. I know without a doubt that my decisions come from my heart and soul, therefore they are made in and for my highest and best, therefore they are the highest and best choices for all involved. This is very empowering and freeing.

The moral of this story is: Be open to the signs from the universe, they can show up anywhere. And: What are you consciously constructing in this moment of Now? XO