Choose Your Superpower

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?
In reality, your ability to choose a superpower IS a superpower.
You have the ability to choose how you feel at any moment.
Making a choice is a superpower.
We often remind you that Gratitude is your superpower and that will always remain true. Yet you are always making choices: In every moment you choose a thought, a feeling, a way of Being.
Allowing yourself to recognize choice as a superpower elevates your awareness of the choices that you make.
This changes your perspective, which affects how you perceive yourself and the world around you. This is growth, both on a personal and collective level.
In every moment, you are choosing between war and peace.
Think about that for a moment.
Any time you think negatively about yourself, you are waging war on yourself. The same goes for the angry thoughts you sent to the driver who cut you off the other day and the world leader who wages war on another country.
Your thoughts are only growing more powerful as you continue to awaken.
You get to choose your internal and external realities.
When you choose to be at peace with your own body for instance, you are shifting the energy within yourself; within the cells of your body as well as your energy field. Your body will respond. It may not be immediate, but the more you do it, the more you are affecting change within. This choice affects your external reality because your higher vibrational energy is an invitation to those around you to match your higher vibration.
The bigger picture is that you are one with all that is, so when you choose peace, you are connecting to everyone else’s choices of similar vibration and that is when major changes begin to happen. Every thought that you have connects with like thoughts, which then manifest in your external reality. This process is speeding up as you continue to awaken into the deeper knowing of your own Divine Nature.
Conscious Evolution: You have a choice in how you evolve.
This is a very big part of why you incarnated into this lifetime.
Prior to incarnating, you were aware that you were going to awaken to your own Divine Nature.
You were aware that you have been enslaved for eons by and for many beings, things and reasons.
You were aware of the opportunity available to you in this lifetime to consciously choose how you were going to evolve through your awakening to your Divine Nature.
You are doing this by choosing Peace instead of war.
You are doing this by consciously connecting to your natural State of Being, that of Grace.
You are making the choice to consciously raise your vibration to awaken, ascend, and evolve into your true and original Beingness: Source. Goddess. Creator. God.
Choosing how you evolve changes history.
You read that right.
Because you are constantly deepening your awareness of your Divine Nature, your choices have a ripple effect through all of time and space. We have spoken often of your multidimensionality and your growing ability to perceive aspects of yourself that exist in what you call the past and the future. With deepening awareness comes the deepening power of Source/Goddess/Creator/God that is within you.
As a human you could not change the energy of the past. 
As aspects of Source, you are able to shift the energy of the past and the future through conscious and purposeful evolution.
Your thoughts carry electromagnetic energy. You are expanding into your ability to exist in multiple dimensions in any given moment. You are in the process of gaining access to your original Akash, which is the essence of Source Consciousness in your DNA.
You Are That.
The most powerful statement that you can make is “I AM.” The words that follow “I AM” carry immense power. 
This is true Freedom.
Source, Goddess, Creator, God is not enslaved by anyone or anything.
The energy of the first months of 2022 caused many of you to deeply purge anything energetically unhealed within you through illness, emotional upheaval or changes in your life. January and February’s energies carried deeply cleansing aspects that are preparing you for the energy of March.
As the equinox and a new season are upon you, new information may be brought to light. Some of it may be surprising or shocking. We gently remind you that you always get to choose how you feel, and that is empowering and powerful. Choosing peace, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, and amplifying it out to those around you and the world will change the course of how you move forward as a collective.
This is how you consciously evolve.
You are ready for this.
Be at Peace.

The Wave

Change is something that cannot be avoided. It is a part of your existence. You are in the midst of major change that affects every aspect of your life here on Earth.

We witness what you are moving through as if it were a wave of energy. Each of you experiences your life circumstances in your unique way, yet as you are all One, your experiences connect and combine to form an energetic pattern (or wave) that moves through the consciousness of you all as it moves through your planet.

Let us try to help you understand this better.

As a consciousness, you (all humans) are freeing yourselves of old and deeply ingrained patterns and beliefs. These patterns and beliefs are based in fear, and surface in your lives as lack, (poverty,) unworthiness, separation, (loneliness,) and generate hatred, injustice, inequality, and greed, among other things.

Industries are pitted against government and other industry, leaders are fighting each other, families are feuding, and relationships of all sorts are suffering.

The old energies are surfacing, and you are face to face with them.

The energetic wave we spoke of relates to what old energies are surfacing for You, and where you are in the wavespan. Some of you are experiencing the depths of the old energies, while some of you are riding the crest of the wave. It is like this for a reason, and that reason is so that you can help each other.

You are not alone. You are a part of the Whole; you always have been and you always will be. So while some of you feel despair, others are there for your support, and we invite you to seek each other out. This is how healing occurs, and this is how you achieve freedom from the old patterns.

We have said before that history cannot repeat itself. There are some reading this who would disagree. We say to you that history cannot repeat itself because you are now making new and different choices.

Pause and read that again: You are now making new and different choices.

You are a different being (energetically and physically) than you were a week ago, or 6 months ago. Your ego is also different than it was a week ago or 6 months ago. Your ego is not something to be squashed or shut down, it is an integral part of you, of your survival. It is the way in which your inner self is able to not only view, but perceive and interact with what you consider to be your external reality. And as you are always evolving, your ego evolves with you.

As your ego evolves along with you, the choices that you make have to be different than what you historically chose in the “past.”
Regardless of how it sometimes seems, you are expanding your conscious awareness, deepening into your own heart, coming into a more balanced alignment with your own soul. Pause for a moment and breathe deeply.

Everyone is awakening at their own pace, so that you are here and available to help each other. You planned it this way. You also knew that you would come into this existence with the strength to carry on, knowing that you would be challenged in many ways. You recognize the old feelings, the old patterns and beliefs, and they are rising up to be acknowledged, and you are keeping your soul agreements in order to help each other.

Who is showing up in the present moment to trigger an old wound or pattern? Once you move past the immediate anger or resentment, what is the knowing that lies underneath? There may be levels and layers to work through, and you are doing the work to get through all of the levels and layers. And as you do so, you are energetically helping All, including those that show up as triggers.

You are doing the work. We witness you doing the work to free yourselves and it is indeed beautiful.

Waves crest, they eventually lose their steam and the tide shifts. We invite you to remember that chaos is only a perception. The more that you are able to find your balance and stay in alignment with your heart, the easier it becomes to simply shift your perception. As you do this, you help yourself, and you help everyone because there is only One of You, and You are all One.

Remember too that you are climbing your sacred mountain and this particular journey never truly ends, you simply transition to another once you have reached the apex. The higher you ascend, the more your purview opens and expands, so you are able to witness the “big picture.” We invite you to pause and enjoy the view from your place high up on your sacred mountain. You have gotten this far, and for that we honor you. Go in peace and love yourself and each other.

The Importance of Being Here, Now

We speak to you today about being Present. We work with you in ever increasing frequency, in order to match and help you to raise your vibration. You are here to Be, and in order to Be, remaining present is of vital importance.

As a species, humans are adept at repeating history; reenacting patterns, based on beliefs and the outcomes of actions. Humans attach importance to history.

Within the Field of All There Is, history does not exist. All time is occurring in this moment: The moment of Now.

You are invited to step more fully into the Now moment, to practice being present.

When you are present in the Now moment, you are not affected by the energy of the past. You are not re-enacting history in the Now moment. You are not in judgment of the past, you are in the flow of expansive energy instead of mired down in restrictive, old energy. Judgment is old energy. It is limiting, constraining, and destructive.

Let us be clear and say that we do not judge history, yours or anyone else’s. It is part of what you were here to do and experience, and we are guiding you towards being free; free to step more fully into the unknown; the New Earth; the Time of Great Awakening.

You are not able to do this if you are weighed down in old energy.

In this season of holidays, there are many of you who will find yourself falling into memories of the past. That energy will uplift some of you, and you will harness that energy and share it with others.

There are some of you who will fall into memories of your history, of your past, stirring up sadness and grief, maybe judgment of yourself or others for decisions made. This is heavy, old energy, and you emit this to those around you, drawing others into it.
Like energy meets like energy and the frequencies adjust accordingly. What energy and information do you desire to be in? To emit to others?

When you are present in the Now moment, you are emitting radiant, expansive energy; new energy. You are enveloping all that you meet in that energy, and it affects them in wonderful ways.

It is time to accept more responsibility in your ascension process; to become more aware of who and what you are and why you are here. This is what you came here for.

There is another aspect of history which we remind you of here: History, or rather, your recollection of it, is inaccurate. Let us explain: You have your unique memories of your history, and they are impacted and altered by your mind, your ego, your small self. Your ego has been running the show for many, many lifetimes, and is not necessarily willing to hand over the reins to the soul. Your ego/small self alters your “memories” of history in order to keep you bound in old energy.

The opportunity to truly learn from history is here. We speak of learning from a different perspective. Rather than repeat history, making the same decisions and choices, learn from history and choose the new path; forge a new way into the unknown. The New Earth is not based on historical ‘facts.’

History is not bad or wrong. It is simply old. You are Here, Now. That is all that matters: Here and Now.

Welcome it. Embrace it. Step into it and Be Here Now.

Peace to You.