2017 New Year’s Channeled Message

Greetings and Welcome to the New Energy.

There are those of you who feel as if you are spinning your wheels. You feel as if you have worked very hard on your inner self…Working to release and heal all that is old and no longer of service to you as you are remembering who you are.

And yet, as you delve ever more deeply into this work, you castigate yourself for not being good enough. You still harbor the self judgment, even the self hatred of old. You continue to punish yourself for not being the enlightened star being that you feel that you should have become by now.

We invite you to pause for a moment. Breathe deeply…3 breaths. Find your center, open your heart. You are able to find your center in the blink of an eye because it is instinct now. Be instinctual. Fall into the zero point and BE, for just this moment.

We invite you here to this awareness of Self in “no time” so that you can hear us, feel us, and most importantly, trust this message.

You are exactly where you have chosen to be, in this moment of NOW.

 The intensity of the feelings that you experience is the barometer; the measure of your ability to transcend the lower vibrations that constantly pull on you. Allow yourself to believe in your own innate Divinity. Your innate Divinity is the truest, most real aspect of you.

The rest is the illusion.

2016 is the end of an era.

There are those that put all of their hopes and desires in this statement, and there are those that say it is hogwash. Neither is right or wrong because your reality matches your beliefs.

Change your reality by reconfiguring your beliefs.

2016 is a 9 year in numerology, meaning that something is ending. When you combine all of the metaphysical sciences, a trend becomes apparent which points to CHANGE and NEW ENERGY, and the end of all that is old.

The mind may still choose to override the innate knowing, staying in fear and old belief patterns because that is what it knows. You are in the midst of a battle between the ego/mind and the innate knowing of your soul. You already know how this will end, but the mind denies and fights it.

We invite you to breathe, and remember that your soul will never lead you astray, and when you combine all of the metaphysical sciences it will become apparent that you chose to be here now for this very “battle.”

Everything that you have experienced over the last 12 months has been an exercise in growth and expansion of the Soul Self. You and your soul family conspired to experience the events that triggered your deepest fears and insecurities. You are entering a time when nothing is as it has been in your experience as a human, and you have been preparing for this by challenging yourself (and those around you) for a while.

Welcome to the New Energy.

We have said this before, and we will re state it: Give yourself permission to embrace the new energy and release the old. Old energy is stored in the physical body as well as the energy field. It’s stored in your DNA, in your Akash. You have forgotten that you have the power to transform energy and now is the time to remember. It is as simple as using your intention and trusting yourself.

Every aspect of your human self is screaming for change while resisting it; the age old “battle” of ego vs. soul.

Step into and stand firmly in your power; your soul power, and choose an end to this inner war. It is all up to you.

You are held within the most sacred of spaces, and we invite you to honor yourself and all others.