Once in a Blue Moon

A Blue Moon is a rare occurrence. July 2015 has 2 full moons, the second one being called the Blue Moon.

If you read anything related to astrology you are familiar with the plethora of information written about the energetic effects of a full moon, so the potential effects of the second full moon in an already energetically highly charged month could be intense.

Everyone feels things differently, so this is not going to be about how you should or should not feel. This is simply a warning. (Smile.) A warning that at this chaotic time your sense of rational thought may have flown the coop. Rational thought is overrated anyway, and we are all moving into a deeper sense of our own intuition. (Some people are kicking and screaming about this, but it’s happening regardless.)

All of the “dark passions” (re: parts of yourself that you’d rather not share with others, much less admit to having) are surfacing in order to be acknowledged and ultimately accepted. Once we can accept all aspects of ourselves, mainly the icky, darker sides, we feel more whole, healthy and can move on with our lives in a more expanded, free way. If we continue to bury aspects of ourselves we cannot be authentic and genuine, and that is not healthy. Accepting your darker passions is simply loving ALL of who you are. It doesn’t mean that you have to act on them.

These highly charged energetic times also call for us to have patience with ourselves and others. No one is immune to change, and inner change (or a shift in perception) seems to be very challenging for us. The stuff that is surfacing is going to cause some upheaval (if it hasn’t already) and that forces us to either run from our problems or look deeply within. I speak from personal experience when I say that inner work takes diligence, focus and a desire to be authentic. Sometimes it means that relationships, work, or living situations change.

Life is an experience, and in order to experience it fully, one must engage. Here’s to a healthy, heart opening Full Blue Moon. Cheers.search