You are Now Experiencing Life in a Higher Frequency

June 8, 2017

We speak to you now in terms of vibration and frequency.

From this place of quiet, of Peace, of freedom from the mind’s turmoil…We offer you healing.

You are energy, and even more than that, you are information.
Your beautiful mind can only comprehend the physicalness of you until you step away and quiet it. Release it into calm.

The atoms that make up the cells of your body vibrate: They constantly move. The rate at which they vibrate is the frequency; Your frequency. There is no longer a status quo frequency for humans. Some humans are vibrating at a higher frequency now, and this number grows in every moment.

You are re-connecting, Dear ones.

You are reconnecting to who you truly are. You may think of it as reconnecting to who you once were, but you are really reconnecting to Who You Truly Are.

Who are you?

You are pure information; pure energy. You are That Which Created You. You are Pure. You are Love. You are Goddess, You are God. You are Source.

As your frequency rises…And it only rises now, Dear Ones…Because that is what Ascension is: The raising of your vibration…Your senses expand beyond the 6 that you are used to. You are now a multisensory being…You are able to experience information and energy that you were not able to experience with your 6 limited senses.

Remember, what you are now able to see…What you hear…What you feel…What you now know. This is where you are now, and this will continue to expand, ushering in that which you have not experienced in your existence as a human.

This is the change that you have been calling forth, and waiting for.

All that you have learned up until this moment is old energy; old information. And you are changing.

You are information. You give and receive information in every moment.

Now, In your expansiveness…Intend to align to the highest frequency that is currently available to you, and open to receive the information that you are now ready to receive.

This is the Re-Connection: The reconnection to who you truly are. It is the reconnection to your Divine Blueprint, your original 12 strands of DNA.

It is the reconnection to your multi-sensory and multi-dimensional selves. Say yes to this reconnection because this is what you have been waiting a very long time for.

This changes your structure: Your physical structure, your energetic structure, your informational structure. This alters the information that you now transmit and receive.

You are ascending in consciousness. You are transcending the limited, and limiting singular self, and rising into the flow of information of Oneness and All That Is.

This is what you are to share with all as you move about your daily existence. It matters not what you do in life, what matters is how you experience this life.

You are now experiencing life from a higher frequency.

That which is of the lower vibration looks, sounds, and feels different…To many, it feels uncomfortable.

There is no judgment to any of this…Simply notice…Notice what feels different. Be in the place of acceptance and peace. From the place of acceptance and peace, compassion flows. From compassion, love flows.

One cannot truly love when there is judgment.

We wish you to experience peace. We invite you to embrace, to be information; energy in the present moment. We wish to infuse you with information and energy: The information and energy of Holiness, Divinity, Purity, Light, Love, and Grace.

Bathe in it…Bask in it…Let it fill you, let it become you, let yourself be one with it.

Let it carry away what is you are ready to be free of…Let this information and energy wash you clean of all that you have been holding onto…Allow yourself to be free of old patterns, beliefs and burdens that limit you, that keep you bound in repeated cycles of suffering. Give yourself permission to be free of suffering. Know that all the work that you do helps all beings, everywhere. You are One with All.

Understand this: Your personal energy has been limited for eons and eons. Freedom from repeated patterns and beliefs opens the floodgate for your energy to flow.

Fear not, this is what you have come here for.

This is who and what you are. It has always been this way, you have simply re-connected to it.

In Grace and gratitude, we bid you peace.