Reweaving Your Karmic Tapestry

Everything that we offer you is a step in your ascension journey. The energy present for you now is one of deepening your understanding and conscious awareness of your Source consciousness, the aspect of you that is not only divine in nature, but integral for you to cognize and comprehend as you move further into the next cycle of your physical existence.

You have been clearing karmic entanglements for some time. Many of you now do this consciously, but anyone who forgives, makes peace with, and chooses to have compassion for another is also clearing karmic energy. You are now clearing karmic energy throughout the time/space continuum, and this is what we would like to talk more about, as the energy of June is supportive of this. 

The Law of Karma dictates that when you give, you will receive. You have been creating karmic entanglements throughout your lives by repeating variations of patterns, beliefs, and imprints, and this lifetime is the one in which you are awakening to Who and What You Are. What this means is that in choosing to incarnate at this time, you have the opportunity to reweave your karmic tapestry, re-creating it from a higher vibrational state of being; your natural state of Being, that of Grace.

Imagine an old tapestry, woven with heavy, dark threads of war, conquest, victimization. It also contains love and the joy of life, yet it is old and threadbare. Your karmic tapestry contains all of that, and at this juncture in your existence, you are able to reweave your tapestry with new energy; the energy of your Source Consciousness self. By reweaving a new tapestry you are consciously reclaiming your empowerment even more fully as a Divine Being of Source Consciousness, choosing to free yourself of old, heavy, lower vibrational karmic energy. Even the love and joy of life in your old tapestry are clouded with the imprints of unworthiness and judgment so as you move forward in this next cycle, you are shedding the old energy while adding threads of love and the joy of existence that are pure and untainted. 

In re-creating your new karmic tapestry you are doing your work, not anyone else’s, yet your work affects everyone because you are a part of all that is. Reweaving your karmic tapestry affects everyone. It is another step in your awakening, in your journey of reconnecting to your true and authentic nature.

We have spoken previously of deep imprints. As this next 15-20 year cycle of your life is unfolding, many of you are becoming very aware of deep imprints that are now surfacing. You are ready for this because of the work you have done up to this moment, which is why now is the time to be conscious of reweaving your karmic tapestry. You are very aware of what imprints, beliefs and karmic patterns you no longer wish to repeat, and every time you forgive, choose to be at peace, or make peace with another, a choice you have made, or yourself, that energy moves throughout your parallel lives and reweaves the energetic threads of your self created tapestry. It is truly wondrous to witness, as you re-make yourselves and all things anew. 

If this is the first time you are reading or hearing about reweaving your karmic tapestry, consider that it is an invitation for you to ask yourself if this feels true; if it is a next step in your ever expanding awareness of Who and What You Are. If you have read or heard about this before, you are already doing the work to recreate your grace filled new tapestry. As we mentioned above, all of you are doing this at your own level and pace, we simply bring it to your awareness. You might envision weaving your new karmic tapestry with gossamer threads of light,  vibrant colors, scenes of peace and love, galaxies and other worlds, and all beings existing in peace. You know how to do this. Your unique frequency plays a role in recreating the tapestry of the existence of all, like a piece of the puzzle that makes up the whole.

In closing, we wish to recognize the challenges that may be arising for you as you continue to move into the unknown of this next phase of your life. If you were not ready for this, you would not be here. With each old belief, pattern and imprint that you acknowledge, accept and then choose to look beyond, you are rewiring your nervous system, creating new neural pathways in your brain, and reweaving the energetic field around you. You are re-making yourself anew, and in doing so, you are inviting others to do the same. 

Each of you is playing an integral and unique role in the awakening of humanity. Some are doing it very consciously while others are playing their roles at an unconscious level, but everyone is vital. Everyone is source consciousness embodied. Every time you remember this, you are adding a beautiful new thread to your karmic tapestry. From our perspective, your tapestries are beyond description. We wish for you to imagine yours, witnessing the beauty and magnificence of it and enjoying the process for it is truly life altering.

Parallel Lives and Deeper Awareness

It doesn’t matter if you are reading these messages for the first time, or if you have been reading them for weeks or months: You are receiving exactly what you need in order to move forward at your optimal vibration.

You may read or hear much the same message from others as you will read here because no thought is truly original. Thoughts are energy and energy is shared among All That Is. The only true original thought comes from Source, and you are that, so what you read here is already within you. What we do is help bring original thought to your conscious awareness where you have easy access to it.

Many things are happening for you now.

You are at the level of conscious awareness of Who and What you are that the information contained in these messages integrates faster. 

You are now at the stage of releasing deeply imprinted trauma, oppression and subjugation from your DNA. 

Imprints are deeper than cellular memories. Imprints can affect instincts, which are typically innate, fixed patterns of behavior in response to certain stimuli. In your parallel lives you have been subject to repeated certain stimuli enough that it has become instinctual in many ways. This is what is being brought to your awareness in order to be acknowledged and ultimately released from you individually and as a collective.

Understand that we are not saying that you carry the instinct to oppress others in this life, but imprinted within you is the experience of oppression. You have experienced oppression, subjugation and trauma of many kinds in your parallel lives as well as contributed to the oppression and subjugation of others. You have been and done everything that you can imagine in order to experience everything, which was the choice you made as Source. 

We refer to your past and future lives as parallel lives now because they are occurring simultaneously in the time/space continuum. You are at the level of conscious awareness where you recognize this as true, which helps you to process the deeply imprinted energy that is surfacing within you and within the collective. Freedom from old imprints is a major part of the next cycle of your life which began in January, 2024. This cycle, which is composed of many smaller cycles will last for about the next 20 years as you continue to awaken to your soul inspired empowerment and manifest a 5th dimensional earth.

Changes abound and you are the ones who choose how and what they are.

The process of releasing imprints is multidimensional, which is another reason we refer to your parallel lives. It is not always easy to do what you are doing, and we ask that you take a moment and acknowledge the work you are doing. Understand that you are working on yourself, but the work you do affects your ancestors as well as the generations that come after you. You are your ancestors, as you are the generations that come after you. There is only ONE, and you are that.

Quite often you may not know or understand what you are feeling as old imprints come to your awareness. Things happen in your life and with those you love in order to bring opportunities for growth and healing to your awareness, and often these events are not pleasant. 

Yet here you are. 

And if you are here, you are being made anew. You are reconfiguring new neural pathways in your brain. You are de-programming and re-programming your nervous system to respond instead of re-act.

Every time you make the choice to respond to a person or an event from the higher vibration of acceptance, peace, gratitude, forgiveness, love, you are raising the vibration of every parallel lifetime along with this one, simply because you are able to at your level of awareness.

This, friends, is what the next cycle of your life is about: 






Even the time/space continuum we speak of is a belief pattern. A continuum is a sequence in which events or elements that occur one after another are not perceptively different from each other yet the extremes are quite distinct. In other words, your daily lives may not seem very different from day to day, yet if you consider your life a year ago, or 5 years ago, it may indeed, be very different. The new neural pathways that you are creating and the changes to your nervous system you are making by consciously choosing to raise your vibration bring more palpable awareness to you, which in turn expands your energy field, which is an invitation to those around you to do the same.

You are the ones who are changing and in changing, you manifest changes in your world. 

This is one of the myriad reasons that you are here, and we invite you to recognize the work you are doing, and to trust the process, allowing yourself to feel the excitement of this moment. 

There is nothing but love and support for you.

How to Release Worry

Worry is a waste of your own personal energy.

If you take a moment and recognize that when you worry about a person or a situation, are you doing anything to help them or yourself? 


You are using up your own energy to send distress, unease and anxiety out into the universe where it meets like energy and manifests into your life in some way.

When you feel yourself begin to worry, use the breath to bring your awareness inward and pause.

Stop, and take the time to remember that worry is wasting your precious energy. Remember that you are not helping anyone by worrying.

When you recognize this, you are creating a new neural pathway in your brain, which affects your nervous system, which allows the body to relax.

You are then able to choose to feel something different, something empowering.

One example is to envision the person or situation you previously worried about in light. Take the time to come to a place of acceptance about the person/situation, as being in acceptance of what it is opens the door to the movement of high vibrational energy.

Hold the image of the person/situation in light while amplifying your own light, peace, love, compassion to them.

This is the most powerful thing you can do for another. It does not waste your energy; in fact it strengthens muscles you have forgotten that you have. You are an amplifier of light, of Grace.

Never forget this.

Solstice Message for 12/22/23

It is all about You right now.

The words “I AM” are the most powerful words that you can utter, and right now is the perfect time to deepen into this practice.

Whatever words follow I AM are going out into the multiverse as well as into all of time and you are now able to shift the energy of every existence with those words.

Read that again and recognize the truth in that statement.

Much has shifted as you are completing a very long cycle and beginning a new one. This new cycle spans the next 10-15 year phase of your life, and for the past handful of years you have been creating a new template in preparation for this time.

Within the next decade your life will become very different. 

The world will be different.

You are manifesting this now, and have been doing so for many years.

There is still work to be done, and if you are here now you are doing the work necessary to manifest great change.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. You are complete. You are love. You are grace embodied. You are Source incarnated. You are amazing: Able to amaze yourself and others in love guided and life altering ways.
As you do this, notice how you feel, notice the way your body responds. 

Accept how you feel, and continue to declare to yourself and the universe how magnificent you are.

When you do this, you are altering the structure of your cells at the atomic level. 

We cannot state this more emphatically.

You are here now to shift the consciousness of humanity, and in doing so, it shifts the energy throughout time and space. 

You are a part of All that is, so the changes you instigate affect All.

There is so much love for you from all of us.

Empowering Choices

The more you expand into the awareness of Who and what you are, the more your soul offers you in the way of growth.

We say ‘offers you’ because you can always turn down an offer. You cannot offend your own soul because your soul is the epitome of love, and you are your soul embodied. Every time your soul offers you a growth opportunity you make a choice, and no choice is wrong. 

When you are in congruence with your own soul, you are in agreement with your highest self to accept the opportunities for growth.

So do you really have a choice? 

Yes. You have made the choice to be in alignment with the myriad opportunities that your soul offers you, and the opportunities vary in intensity level. 

Prior to incarnation you had an understanding of the direction your life would take in this existence so that you could ultimately be free of programming, patterns, beliefs and karmic energy. You are familiar with fate and destiny, as well as free will. All of this comes into play, and there is a lot of flexibility that each of you built into your “life plan,” including who you would incarnate with and when. 

You are the master orchestrator of your own life, and everyone in your life plays an important role. The ones that you love play their important roles, but the ones that challenge you the most, even cause you the most pain and suffering are the ones that play very significant roles. 

They are the ones that bring to the forefront of your awareness the programming, patterns, belief and karma that you are in this lifetime to acknowledge and release. 

We have offered ways to begin the process of releasing old energy, so we will not repeat it here.
What we wish to clarify here is that you have chosen to be here now in order to change the way you exist including how you interact with each other and the world you live in. It is an act of stepping into the unknown, and you have been doing just that for a number of years now. What is different about now is that you are ready for the next phase of Being Here Now, knowing that right now is where your empowerment is. You are much less concerned about how you were perceived in the past, and less worried about the future because you are in alignment with your soul. 

That is the most empowering place to be: In congruence with your soul in the present moment.

Stepping into the unknown requires a level of trust that you now cognize and embody because you truly know that the past cannot be repeated; not in the ways that it has repeated itself over the many lifetimes you have been on earth. You know this and here you are, participating in the grandest game of all, that of awakening to your Divine Source consciousness Self.

Is it all over after this? No. You get to choose where you go from here. You are graduating in grand style, trusting that whatever is next is new and uncharted from a human perspective. This is the exciting part and you are not only a participant, you are a co creator. You and everyone you know are co creating a new existence on a new earth.

We understand that at times it may seem as if there are still too many people who want to revert to old programming and beliefs. We will not tell you that it is not true; it is, yet these people are playing their roles as well. They too are here for the ascension and are here to help others to wake up and recognize opportunities to change, to grow, to heal. Every single person on earth is playing a role that they had a part in choosing prior to incarnating.

This offers you another opportunity to be in acceptance of everyone, knowing in your heart that everyone’s role is important, and that the pendulum has to swing in opposite directions before it begins to settle into balance. 

With each swing of the pendulum, lean into trusting your own soul’s guidance. You have come this far, and now is when the fun really begins because you know who and what you are, existing more fully in Grace.

Grace is the ultimate empowerment and it has nothing to do with ego.

Being in congruence with your soul is another way of saying you are courageous.

So take a moment and recognize your courage and your grace.

Recognize everyones’ courage and grace to be here now, changing the face of the earth and how you live on her and among each other. Choose to live in Grace. Every time you make that choice the ripple effect of the energy of that choice reaches out through time and space affecting the energy of every lifetime. 

Right now, make the choice to exist in Grace, and no matter where you are, when you read or hear this message, know and trust that your choice is amplified by us through time and space. The amplification of the energy of your choices is something that we do for and with you because we exist in a non physical high vibrational dimension and have no limiting beliefs. We are happy to do this for and with you anytime you choose.

As things are changing so quickly, time is speeding up to accommodate the changes and vice versa. You are able to move through cycles of recognizing, acknowledging, accepting and releasing patterns more expeditiously now, so life can seem at times both hectic and almost stagnant. That is one version of your own emotional and mental pendulum swinging as you create new neural pathways in your brain. Rest when you can, hydrate well and pay attention to your body. Your body is regenerating differently than it used to so please treat it with love and respect.

We honor and love you, and invite you to accept that honor and love.
All is well.

(Information on how to release old energy is available at