Happy Spring! It’s been a fairly intense time with solar flares, the equinox, solar eclipse and Pluto going square with various planets…(I am not an astrologer, but I am aware of the intensity of the movement of the planets.)
I have had a busy week seeing clients, writing some hypnosis scripts, as well as putting together my “hypnotherapy book”. I am also heading to Northern Virginia tomorrow to see my sons, and then clients on Monday. A couple of my clients from this week have emailed to comment on the “power of their session” and how things have continued to unfold. I love hearing this. Not for me, but for them. It is interesting and amazing work: Working within an area that is not concrete. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help people make positive, healthy changes in their lives. I love to witness the “Aha” moments; the shifts.
I do believe that when a person listens to the sometimes very quiet voice of their soul, and they seek a deeper, more expanded way of experiencing life, what occurs can be profound and powerful. (Yes, subtle too, but people tend to remember the profound changes more.)
I do love when things continue to unfold for my clients and friends, and I believe that there are times when we do this “work” and because the energy and everything else lines up, we gain depth, clarity, healing.

It’s like the beginning of a new day…A miracle in and of itself, yet we take it for granted. The depth that we can achieve through inner work is also a miracle.