December 2016 Channeled Message

Dec. 9, 2016

We wish to speak to you today about affirmations and the power that you have within you: The power of speech.

Within the last 30 years or so, you and the consciousness of humanity have come a long way in your awareness. This is as it was supposed to be and you all knew this when you chose to incarnate in this lifetime.

Everything that you have learned (re-membered) up to this moment of Now has aided you in expanding your awareness and your remembrance of who and what you are.

Many years ago, affirmations became very popular. There were many books, videos, even movies created about the power of affirmations. This was an important step up the ascension ladder for you as you became consciously aware of the power of your thoughts, words, and deeds.
Many of you have been aware of this before that time, but there was a shift in the consciousness of humanity during those years that raised the collective frequency.

The impetus around the affirmations was based on drawing to you what you desired to have: Success, love, wealth.

This was all well and good, and an appropriate step for the collective.

The affirmations from that time were based largely on ego generated desires rather than on the Soul’s desires. Again, this was a “lesson,” a step, and there is no judgment around it. You have progressed beyond that now. You are becoming more aware of your soul’s desires and goals for this incarnation. You have remembered how to feel something, making a choice based on how it feels in the heart and not the mind.

The ego’s desires are always self-serving, the soul’s desires are for the highest good of all.

When you choose a soul’s desire, you are choosing the best choice for You because you are choosing the best choice for All. We are all connected, yes? Choosing the soul’s desire is choosing what is best for you as well as the collective, and this choice is more powerful because it comes from the energy of Grace. Ego choices come from fear.

The energy of fear is very powerful, and so is the energy of love and compassion, or Grace. Grace contains light, therefore it shines where the energy of fear does not.

The power of speech:

You were taught many years ago to state your affirmations out loud. You understand why: The power of your voice carries great energy. (Have you ever been a part of a group chanting OM? If so, then you are aware of the energy, the power of it.)

In this moment of Now, your voice carries more energy and power than it ever has in the history of your existence in a physical body.

We invite you to use it for the highest good. We invite you to affirm your soul’s desires out loud.

You’ll know what these desires are if you ask, and they may be a bit different than what you think they are.

When you state your soul’s desires using the power of your voice it is important to be Present, meaning state the desire knowing that you are living it Now, present moment. Claim it and own it, it is yours. When you wish and want, you create exactly that. When you state what you lack, you create exactly that.

None of this is new to any of you reading this; yet it is more powerful now than ever before. We invite you to choose your words carefully and with feeling.

Do you understand why you had to go through steps to get here? Growth and expansion of the awareness of humanity were necessary first. Understand that the ego’s desires are limited and limiting, the soul’s desires are true and limitless. Trust your soul, it will never lead you astray.

Own your soul’s power, it is based in the energy of Grace, not fear.

2016 is a 9 year in numerology meaning that it is the end of a cycle and the birthing of something New. Are you ready?
Honoring You in All Ways,

The Masters and Keepers of the Akash