The End of a Decade

In your human awareness, time seems to fly by. The truth is that there is no time, and that you are in fact slowed down to what you might say is a “pause” so that your consciousness and your physical forms may come into better alignment. Your physical form is always playing “catch up” to your awareness. As you are evolving, you are remembering how to come into alignment with the wholeness of all that you are more fully, but as the earth is moving through all new energy, you are also subject to new energy and that often causes the physical form that you carry to vibrate at different rates than the rest of your energy field. In fact, different aspects of your physical form vibrate at different rates and as you evolve, you are better able to become aware of this, so you feel things in your body more acutely. This is not simply the effects of aging, as many would have you believe. It is your physical body working hard to adjust to the extremely rapid changes that are happening. For those who still believe in aging, aging will occur, but to those that are shedding the eons of old beliefs, the physical manifestations of change and deeper alignment may reflect the “symptoms” of aging and disease. It does not mean that these things are happening, unless you label them and believe that this is so. (Consult a professional if you experience what you would call disease. We are not recommending eschewing modern medicine. That is still an effective and powerful belief pattern.)

We do invite you to step away from labeling what you may be feeling within your physical body, as labeling draws to you the energy of that which you label it as.

Remember: Your thoughts are very powerful and are only becoming more so. 

So as you are in “pause” mode, time still feels as if it is speeding by because you believe that it is. This is neither right nor wrong; we are simply helping you to understand what is happening. When you are able to cognize the facts, it makes it easier for your conscious mind to settle into a deeper awareness, relaxing into aligning with the changes that are happening. Your lovely minds want to throw up roadblocks to understanding the ever increasing changes because these changes are based in completely new energy. That can be frightening because change is an unknown factor.

So in this moment, we invite you to breathe deeply, closing your eyes and allowing your conscious mind to relax. Simply know that All Is Well. You may repeat this to yourself if it offers comfort.

All IS well. When viewed from the highest perspective, the big picture is visible, and the big picture is ever shifting. There is a flow, and when you are in the flow it becomes much easier to navigate. In fact, when you are in the flow you don’t have to navigate at all, you simply ride (and enjoy) the flow. There is no work in this, and this is counterintuitive to what your mind believes. All of this requires a change in your mindset. Notice the word “mindset.” Is your mind set? It desires to be, or it used to desire to be “set.” The ego may still try to direct you towards a “set” mind, but your soul is speaking louder now, and you are aware of it. You are able to heed your soul, your heart, you GodSelf, and that is why you are here: To Re-member this voice. Your voice. A “set” mind requires energy to keep it set. There is no flow, and it is exhausting to you to try to remain “set.”

There is more that we wish to share with you: You are all that is, so you are the planets, the sun, the galaxy, the galactic center. You are the microcosm in the macrocosm and the macrocosm that holds the microcosm. You are experiencing the planetary and astrological shifts that contribute to your ever expanding awareness and major shifts in consciousness because You are all of that. You planned it this way. You, as the consciousness of Creator/Source, are the maestro who composes, orchestrates and experiences all of it.

We who are speaking to you now are also all of this, and we are You. You are, in this moment, downloading information and energy that originates from You. You are re-membering Who You Are. As you do this you are literally shedding all of the now outdated patterns and energy that have kept you from re-membering all of this. You are now ready to shift as a Whole. You are re-uniting with all aspects of Your Self. Welcome back. Or rather, you are welcoming Your Self back. All of this is happening in the “blink of an eye” yet to you it seems to take forever, even though time is seemingly racing by. What a wonderful game you have created!

So as you have created this time of deepening awareness, we invite you to become very aware of all of it, rejoicing in the opportunity to be free of old mindsets. Resist labeling what you are experiencing as your physical form adjusts to the changes. Instead, welcome the knowing and the deeper awareness as the sign of evolution that it is. Your physical form is energy and you are now becoming adept at manipulating energy. As you deepen into alignment with the Wholeness of Your Being, re-cognize the changes for what they are: Alignment with your GodSelf. Your evolution is an ongoing process as is your awareness of it. What a joyful time to be alive!

As you welcome this new decade and say goodbye to the old, recognize that you are also releasing eons of old energy, patterns, and beliefs and that your Akashic Record is clearing and evolving as you are. Your Records are dynamic, shifting as you make each choice, no matter how insignificant that choice may seem to you. This brings us back around to your very powerful thoughts. Each thought that you have already exists somewhere, your mind is simply energetically attaching to it and processing it as your own. (We are greatly simplifying the process here in order to make a point.) Your thoughts may seem original to you, and in a way they are, because you are all that is, but your thoughts come from patterns and beliefs that you have carried in your Akashic Records (and the Records of everyone else as well) for eons. We invite you to be that much more conscious of your thoughts. They do indeed create your reality. They meet like thoughts and create a reality for the whole of consciousness. They also affect the energy within your Akashic Records, which affects all of Time and Space. As there is only This Moment of Now, your thoughts affect what you consider to be your future. So you see, your thoughts are immensely important as well as powerful.

You are a powerful Being. Use your power well, and as you do, you invite others to do the same. May you have joy this season and always. Blessed New Decade to you!