The Akashic Records: Changing My View of Life

I have learned so much in my work within the Akashic Records. One subject being the concept of time. The brain thinks of time in a linear fashion, but in reality there is only this Now moment, and all of the Now moments string together to form a “time line” that our human brains can understand. So there is no past, present and future, there is only Now. When people refer to things that happened in the past, those events are really occurring “now” in another dimension of time and space, but our cells and emotional field carry the energy of them, so to our brain, those events seem like past memories. 

“Future” events are also occurring in the now moment, but we don’t process them in the same way, because our brain can’t understand how a “future event” can be a memory. Instead, we process the “future”events through dreams, (day dreams and dreams while we sleep) fantasies, our imagination, deja vu, and other interesting phenomena.

I have begun to refer to my memories from the “past” as my multidimensional thoughts/memories. For example, loving someone so intensely that it seems to be an old love, one that has survived lifetimes, I call a multidimensional love. 

I have spent so much time in the Records with clients, and have talked about the aspect of time so much that I have lost the ability to think of time in a linear way. By that I mean that I have a hard time thinking back to the date of a past event. I can remember it clearly, and often in great detail, which is how I am able to figure out when the event occurred. 

There is a great guided meditation that I have been doing where I place myself (my solar plexus, to be exact) at the center of the universe, (!) and imagine the universe is expanding in all directions around me.  This is a great way to begin to feel into the multidimensionality of time. Contact me for more resources about this subject.