Welcome to Your New Way of Being

As the group of souls that you know as humanity, you worked together to successfully introduce the biggest shift in awareness in your history. Like an earthquake, there will be aftershocks, but we invite you to step away from any fear at the word “aftershock.” Those are simply energetic reverberations as New Energy finds it’s way into your awareness. Being human is about the experience, and you, as a collective, are ready for a New one because you are bringing in the New Earth. You are holding steady in the 5th dimension. You are cognizant of your multidimensionality now more than ever because you know what it feels like to be in the 5th dimension. You travel to the 5th dimension regularly in your dream time, your meditative states, even in your daily actions. You are bright and beautiful beams of Source Energy traveling through the ethers. You recognize your fellow travelers.

Now more than ever, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, joy…All that encompass your natural state of Being, (GRACE) are necessary to keep the momentum going. There are waves of change still coming, and waves crest before crashing onto the shore, and as they wash back into the sea, they take all of the old debris and leave behind clarity, as well as something new and different. There is a rhythm to waves, but once in a while there is a rogue wave that destroys structures and foundations. In this case, the “rogue wave” is intense new energy, clearing out crumbling foundations that were holding up old and unsafe structures in order to make room for new foundations, built in and from Grace. 

Deep within you, you know that you are Source Energy, and that you can move and manipulate energy. You are aware that you manifest your reality with your thoughts, as your thoughts are energy. You are in the forefront of those that are here to clear the old imprints of human reality. You are here to create the New Earth.  Drop within, and feel the energy of this knowing, this truth. Breathe into it and feel it fill you, and encompass you. When you do this, you are connecting to, and feeling Source Energy as it moves through you. Using your imagination, which is directly linked to your intuition or 3rd eye, envision the New Earth: What does it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like? Where are you in the New Earth? Who is with you? There are so many choices, so many experiences, and you create all of them.

The challenge arises when you are focused on what you don’t want because when you focus on what you don’t want, or even ambivalence, that is what the universe gives you. You are Source Energy, and you are here, Now, to remember this as you continue to shed layers of karmic patterns and beliefs while holding the frequency of the higher dimensions more fully in your physical body. Use this time of isolation to focus on your soul’s desires, bringing each desire into your awareness in and through Grace, knowing through how you feel that Source Energy is creating these new experiences. It is not about the outcome, it is about the journey, the experience. There is only this Moment of Now, and this Moment never ends, so Be Source Energy and manifest each next moment in Grace.