We are in the process re-generating, and that means something different than just our cells dying and recreating themselves. We are regenerating our cells, and more.

We are re-generating new information for ourselves, our ancestors and for posterity.

To generate means to cause something to arise or come about. 

Regenerating is bringing something into renewed existence, and what we are bringing about does not have the same cellular structure as before.

As we receive more light, our bodies regenerate new cells that carry more light, so they are of a higher vibration than the old cells. The old information (patterns, beliefs, etc.) is lower vibrational and more dense therefore has less light, or is ‘darker.’ This old energy “dies” with the old cells as the emotional energy of it is released and shows up in our awareness as emotion, physical pain or discomfort, etc. Our job is to acknowledge what is showing up as it leaves our body and energy field, so that we can be in acceptance of what was, instead of judging it, healing throughout all of time for ourselves, our ancestors and for posterity. 

The information we are re-generating comes into our new cells via light energy, so our new cells are of a higher vibration than our old cells. Our new cells are literally made of more light, their structure is different, and the information within them is not weighed down by old patterns, programming, beliefs and karmic energy.

We are transmuting energy all the time, regenerating old patterns, beliefs, programming and karmic energy into new, higher vibrational information.

This process is happening in tandem with the regeneration of our cells. 

Time is a construct, something we used as a tool in the lower vibrational 3D existence. The information we are regenerating helps us to recognize time as a helpful tool, not something to be bound to or by. There is only this moment, and in this moment, the regeneration that is occurring within you is happening for your ancestors and for those that come after you. It is happening now, and in that, you are transcending what you believe (or have believed) about time.

We are regenerating this new information so that we can move forward into a higher vibrational existence with the conscious awareness that we are the Divine and powerful light that is within us, free of limiting beliefs.