Alive and Well in the Moment

I’m alive and well.  That is all that I can expect right now.   That is all that I can expect from moment to moment, as there is only the moment that we live in, and nothing else.  That is one of the hardest things for my human mind to comprehend…That there is only right now…Right now.

My (old) habit was to think about the past…Remembering both the exciting times as well as the hurtful ones, and then figuring out to keep the good memories “alive.”  At the same time my mind would think about the future, and wonder how I was going to re create the good moments that had already happened.  Or conversely worry about how I was going to handle the future, as my view of it was as “the unknown” therefore scary.

It takes practice to stay “in the moment,” and I am practicing every day.  I am accepting of the fact that some of my experiences are never to be repeated, and at times I get very emotional knowing this, as I have had some exceptional experiences in my life.  But instead of worrying that the future cannot possibly hold even more beautiful and exciting experiences, I am also accepting of the fact that the future is rife with possibilities, and I have no idea what they are right now, present moment.  I’m going with this notion, and as I write, staying in the moment, right here, right now.