Magic: Is it Instinct or is it Innate?

Magic. It’s energy. You all have it. What you might have believed about magic may be old energy. 

It’s in your cells, and you innately know how to use it. Is it instinctual? In some cases it is because not only is it innate to you as Creator consciousness, it is also learned. Therefore when the proper stimulus appears, you instinctively respond.

That is one of the many beautiful things about being a human; you have innate gifts and skills and you have learned ones.

In this current time on earth you are re`connecting to many of your innate talents, skills and gifts.
You are also re-connecting to many instinctual traits.

One of the many important aspects of this lifetime is that you are recognizing that some of your instinctive traits no longer serve you. If they no longer serve you, they no longer serve the greater consciousness that you all share.

Judgment is one of these.

There are others.

Magic is both innate and instinctive so that is one that you are re-connecting with while you are recognizing the old beliefs and energy around it.

The old energy is released through dis-ease in the body, and emotions such as grief and anger. There are often reasons why you feel grief, anger, frustration, etc., but now, you may feel inexplicable sadness, anger, and even dis-ease in the body because your cells are releasing the old energy of (sometimes) instinctual traits that you have learned over many lifetimes.

It is a process, and you are moving through this process at lightning speed compared to a decade ago.

Be gentle with yourselves and each other. Nourish yourself in the ways that feel right and good.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be.