April Energy

The rough seas will calm as the storm wears itself out. 

2024 is a year of change, and the kind of changes we speak of are more fundamental as they will help you individually and as a collective, form a new template for moving forward.

Before change can occur, the old foundations have to be dismantled, or in some cases, to crumble. When this happens it can be very challenging because it is literally hard to find your footing.

Yet here you are, finding your way as your world changes before you. 

Please take a moment and acknowledge yourself and your ability to be in the flow of change.
There is great importance in acknowledging yourself, whether you have felt fear, doubt, frustration, sadness, or exhilaration and joy at what is happening in your life and in your world.
When you acknowledge yourself, it is the first step towards accepting things as they are, right now. It is the first step towards accepting yourself exactly as you are, right now.

There are major energetic shifts that occur when you do this, and the energy of these shifts radiates into your energy field now, but also throughout all of your existences. It is simply how things work now at your level of empowerment and awareness.

Through raising your vibration, you have the ability to step into higher vibrational timelines where there is for example, more peace, abundance and prosperity in your life. Everything exists, and you have experienced all of it, so you are able to imagine the life you choose to live. Through settling into the feeling nature of that which you desire, you are offering the universe the electromagnetic energy of the cellular memory of it, giving it matter. You are literally making it into matter, or manifesting it into your life. 

The vibration that you hold directly corresponds to that which you are manifesting.

You are currently in a time of recognizing that you are able to move into different timelines while you are simultaneously creating new templates out of crumbling old foundations. This can be confusing and frustrating as you find your footing in this very new way of being.

Rest assured that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Everyone is at their own level of awareness, and none are wrong or bad. There are those that have chosen to stay in old energy in order to play certain roles, and in order to help those of you who are here to step through the door into unknown, new energy. 

Ultimately you are all helping each other even though sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.

By acknowledging yourself and where you are right now, you are moving into acceptance, and acceptance is what removes obstacles.

By accepting yourself you are removing self judgment. When you no longer judge yourself it is much easier to recognize when you are judging others. You have the ability to make the conscious choice to recognize judgment and step away from it and into acceptance. That choice expands and amplifies the light in your energy field, which has an effect on everyone and everything around you.

Simply being in acceptance of yourself or another raises your vibration, offering you a stepping stone into a higher vibrational timeline where judgment does not exist.

Do you understand how empowering and life changing this is for you?

This is one of the many reasons that you are here.

April brings another energy shift that is supportive of all that you are moving through right now. Every time you recognize a deeper level of awareness within yourself you are connecting more strongly and fully to your Source Consciousness. Every time that you connect more fully to your Source Consciousness you shine your own light on something buried even more deeply within that is ready to be revealed, acknowledged, accepted and then released, never to return. It is a process that will continue in some form, until you are no longer in a physical body, yet you have already grown so much that you move through this process much faster than you used to.

You already know how to expedite the process, and that is a wonderful thing to remember!

2024 will continue to be full of surprises, and you are invited to open your heart and mind even further, letting go of expectations of how things will go. Relax Into the flow of expectancy and acceptance of all that is, right now, and remember that you get to consciously choose how you feel about all of it. 

Your vibration is your responsibility, not anyone else’s.

Your vibration reflects the energy within you and affects the energy around you.

Claim your empowerment as you acknowledge yourself and the work you have done up to this moment. The energy of April supports you in this as the door opens even further, allowing you access to more light, deeper awareness and the insights and inspiration to manifest something new and wonderful for yourself and your world. You have an opportunity to remember that you chose to be here and play your part in this consciousness shift. 

The old ego generated thought pattern was to be angry and judgmental about what was happening and to formulate a plan from that energy. The difference now is that more of you are awakened to your Source Consciousness and are able to form plans generated by acceptance and compassion. This is the energy from which you move forward into the next moment of Now, which is truly the only moment there is.

It is with deep love that we acknowledge Who You Are.

Happy Spring! It’s been a fairly intense time with solar flares, the equinox, solar eclipse and Pluto going square with various planets…(I am not an astrologer, but I am aware of the intensity of the movement of the planets.)
I have had a busy week seeing clients, writing some hypnosis scripts, as well as putting together my “hypnotherapy book”. I am also heading to Northern Virginia tomorrow to see my sons, and then clients on Monday. A couple of my clients from this week have emailed to comment on the “power of their session” and how things have continued to unfold. I love hearing this. Not for me, but for them. It is interesting and amazing work: Working within an area that is not concrete. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help people make positive, healthy changes in their lives. I love to witness the “Aha” moments; the shifts.
I do believe that when a person listens to the sometimes very quiet voice of their soul, and they seek a deeper, more expanded way of experiencing life, what occurs can be profound and powerful. (Yes, subtle too, but people tend to remember the profound changes more.)
I do love when things continue to unfold for my clients and friends, and I believe that there are times when we do this “work” and because the energy and everything else lines up, we gain depth, clarity, healing.

It’s like the beginning of a new day…A miracle in and of itself, yet we take it for granted. The depth that we can achieve through inner work is also a miracle.