It is time to expand.

Extraordinary change is about to happen. The past year has been a time of preparation, and the current year is one of finding balance within yourselves as you prepare to take a quantum leap of faith into the unknown.

Within the past year you have received a tremendous influx of light and energy, and now you are in the process of integrating it. You as an individual as well as You as a Whole are finding balance within the body, mind and spirit, always receiving greater amplifications of the light and energy that is flooding your planet. As the light floods your planet, your electromagnetic field responds, and as your electromagnetic field responds, it affects the rate at which You (as an individual and as a whole) vibrate. 

You are in the flux of a conscious transition into a new way of Being.

As humans you have never existed in this new way of Being, so your mind generates a certain amount of fear because it only knows one way of being; a 3rd dimensional human way of being. This is why we are always inviting you to find balance within by settling into a state of Grace. In Grace you find peace, gratitude, excitement, joy, curiosity and love. In Grace you are balanced and in alignment with the knowing of Who You Are, and the rate at which you vibrate actually increases. When your vibration increases you lift out of the 3rd dimension and exist in the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. It is within the higher dimensions that your awareness of your inner senses expands. It is within the higher dimensions that you become acutely aware of your multidimensional self: You remember that time is an illusion and that there is only this moment of Now.

You stop living in the past and you stop projecting into the future.

You are free of limiting constraints here, in the present moment. You are more aware of You than you ever have been before.
As you deepen your awareness of You, you deepen into the realization that there is more beyond the world than you have ever known. You are recognizing that you are One With All That Is in a way that is deeply profound, and that expands way beyond the world that you live in.

You are truly awakening.

Imagine the feeling of deep relief upon waking from a nightmare. Many of you take the time to analyze the nightmare, asking yourself what you are to learn from it. Do the same as you awaken; allow yourself to recognize the old patterns and beliefs and acknowledge what you have learned from them as you settle into the relief of waking up. Allow yourself to feel the excitement of a new day, a rebirth into a new way of Being.

Take the quantum leap knowing that you cannot fail, you cannot fall. You will only soar, uplifted and held aloft by the faith in YourSelf, the Divine Knowing of Who You Are; Who You ALL are. 

Lastly, we invite you to consider your existence on Earth as a Master’s Program: You are here to become a Master.

Your world is a challenging one that you chose to experience for the great and profound learning. In the vast scheme of the cosmos, Earth can represent the ego, and just as you are learning to integrate and love all aspects of yourself (including ego,) You, in your awareness of You as All That Is, are integrating and loving the ego part of self as a Whole. 

Remember that all that you do, you do for yourself as well as for All. How powerful is that, friends?