I work within the Akashic Records. Known in the bible as The Book of Life, “God’s Book of Remembrance” or even The Divine Mind, the Records can be described as a “supercomputer memory system that keeps track of everything.” (Todeschi and Reed) The term Akashic Records is derived from the Sanskrit word “akasha” which means boundless space. 

Edgar Cayce, known as the “sleeping prophet” was highly acclaimed for his Akashic Record readings given and recorded while in a trance state. Cayce suggested that the story of our lives: All of our thoughts, words, deeds, and relationships are stored in the Akashic Records.  The records are more than just a compilation of our past; they are interactive and draw together the specific experiences that an individual needs for his or her own personal growth, development and conscious expansion. Free will does enable people to decide whether or not they will heed the lesson presented, but the Records serve as a sort of safety net, assuring each of us that we will all have the opportunity to become all that we are meant to be.

When working within the Records, there are three components:  

1.  Records that deal with the past, including past lives.

2.  Present moment information and relationships.

3.  Records that focus on the ever evolving and changing future.

In terms of the past, the information within the Records is related to memory: Memories associated with our youth, but also past lives. It has been said that we have our “Akash” within us, carried within the DNA of our cells. This may help explain how one is able to “access” the Records. Karma is a term that is used frequently when referring to balancing out the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, or simply destiny and fate. There is a unique concept from the Cayce information that refers to karma as memory; memory from the past that a person encounters (and deals with) in her or his present life experiences and relationships. 

When referring to present life circumstances, the information from the Cayce files suggest that each of us has an almost unlimited number of patterns from the past, both positive and negative, that can be “re-energized” by our thoughts, actions and relationships in the present. There is quite a bit of thought re-patterning that I do with clients when working with them in their Records. It is just as easy to energize a positive aspect of ourselves as a negative one and vice versa. 

The future is not fixed. Our future changes and shifts with every thought, action and decision we make in the present. We can learn from the past, then make decisions in the present which shift the energy of our future. Because the Records are interactive, we are constantly “tapping into” the material that is connected to us, so our changing futures can be glimpsed in intuitive hunches, dreams, and even through deja-vu. Cayce believed that nothing of significance ever happens to us without it first being foreshadowed in some intuitive way.

The Akashic Records are responsible for drawing to every soul exactly what that soul needs. We can use this incredible resource for our learning, growth and conscious expansion. “The soul is destined to grow (and eventually awaken) to an awareness of it’s true relationship to the Creator.” (Todeschi and Reed)