As a long time practitioner of Holistic Health and Wellness I am no stranger to receiving energy work, readings, massage and other holistic services.

Within the past 3 months I have had the great opportunity to receive quite a lot of energy work from 2 different practitioners. Many holistic practitioners are trained in more than one method, such as Reiki and Zero point balancing for instance. I am a Reiki Master from way back, and over the years have been trained in Metamorphosis, ThetaHealing and Akashic Record reading. I have also attended many workshops and am familiar with and use many other healing modalities.

Back to the past 3 months, and my reason for writing this post: ¬†In my work, the first reading/healing meeting often involves scratching the surface of many potential areas of concern. There are often questions that involve health concerns as well as life issues like love, money, path and purpose. The first meeting can be more of a “getting acquainted” time where information flows, and many issues are touched upon, but not very deeply. I find that it is very beneficial to the client if we do further work together, therefore getting to the heart (and the ultimate healing) of the issues at hand.

In the last 3 months I have been working very intensely with 2 practitioners receiving weekly Reiki, Soul Retrieval work, Akashic Record work and  herbal therapy. I have also been doing my own constant intense inner work, and learning yet another, deeper way of healing.

The effects of intense holistic/energy therapy are cumulative, and very powerful. Each session builds upon the next, and as old patterns and beliefs are acknowledged and released, the mind, body and soul are more deeply united, allowing healing to occur on all levels.

The process of healing at the soul level is not necessarily fast and easy, it takes some determination and fortitude. The cumulative effects are nothing short of amazing, and I can speak from personal experience. Are you ready?