You are in the rarefied energy of what you call the Lion’s Gate Portal until August 12, with the intensification of the energy occurring on August 8th. (8/8)

What this means for you is that you have the opportunity to consciously shift to another level of energy integration, which amplifies your human awareness of who and what you are.

Because of this, now is the time to shed further light on your unique frequency.

Each of you has a unique frequency, which is different from your vibration. Your body vibrates at different levels depending on your mood, your state of health, your environment, and who you are with for example. Different parts of your body also vibrate at different rates.

Your frequency is measured in hertz, and it also shifts as you alter your mood, health, the environment you are in, etc. The difference is that you have a frequency that is unique to your soul. It may be similar enough to others that it seems exactly the same, but it is not.

There are minute shifts in each person’s frequency, yet if you put everyone who exists together and measured the frequency, it would be the frequency of Source, God, Creator, Supreme Being. In fact, the earth’s frequency shifts are in direct correlation to the shifts in your frequency as a collective.

We like to refer to your unique frequency as The Song of Source.

Vibration and frequency have often been used to describe the same thing and now is the time for you to integrate a deeper understanding of each.

We have spoken at length about raising your vibration, and how that helps your physical, emotional and mental health. It also affects your energy field which those around you are always exposed to and vice versa. You raise your vibration by choosing to exist in a state of Grace, which is your natural state of Being. Feeling any aspect of Grace such as gratitude, acceptance, peace, love, joy and other positive feelings raises your overall vibration, which affects your frequency.

Sound tones are measured in Hz, or frequency. You are vibrating, so you emit a frequency that can be measured. You raise your frequency exactly like you raise your vibration.

Your unique frequency is what we invite you to begin to work with during this rarefied time of increased energy flow.

This process is an expansion on what you have learned and been doing for sometime; raising your vibration through sustaining Grace.

As you recognize your unique frequency, you will begin to connect to a deep and wondrous feeling of “being home.”

You most likely have felt this feeling before, because each of you has been conscious of your unique frequency at various times. You may have felt it in meditation, when traveling to certain places, or when you are with ones you love and resonate with.

The opportunity is here for you to recognize how your frequency makes up a part of the whole and how yours and others’ different frequencies are like puzzle pieces that all fit together to re-create the entirety of All That Is: Oneness with Source, God, Creator, Supreme Being.

Every beings’ frequency together as One creates the primordial sound, what you call OM, or AUM. It is the Source of All. It is the frequency found in all things, in nature.

You are part of All that is, you are nature.

Each of you has brought your unique frequency to this moment of now in order to re-create Oneness, which is the ultimate freedom; freedom from layers upon layers and eons of programming, beliefs, karma, and patterns of suffering that have created the illusion that you are imperfect, broken, in need of healing


You are finding your way back to Source, and realizing that Source is within You; You as a collective, as well as you as an individual.

You have to find it within yourself before you can recognize it in others.

You are doing all of this now, and the Lions Gate Portal is an opportunity to step fully and consciously into it at a deeper level of awareness; the awareness that you truly are One With All.

We invite you to breathe deeply, pausing to connect to your own Source consciousness light within. Choose to exist in Grace, in acceptance of yourself in this moment, which is where your empowerment is. Settle into peaceful, joyful gratitude for who you are and what you bring to the world.

Breathing in, allow your unique frequency to be present.

Invite it to be a color, or many colors. It doesn’t matter what the color is. Be present in it, with it. Let it move through you. Embody it, grounding it into the earth, imagining it filling you, filling the earth, and encircling the earth.

Go beyond the earth if you wish, beyond the galaxy.

Play with it, rejoice in it.

You are connecting with your own unique frequency, and sharing it with the world.

You are finding your place as a puzzle piece as you re-create the Whole, re-connecting with Source not only within yourself, but as One with All That Is.

Play with toning and making sounds, connecting more fully with the tones that feel best to you. In doing this you are contributing to the primordial sound that is nature, that is All.

These are the first steps in connecting to your unique frequency and we invite you to share your unique frequency with the world. This connection, awareness and sharing of your unique frequency lifts you, individually and as a collective, to another level of consciousness and empowerment

The Lions Gate Portal ushers in intensified energy and light, and with each year you receive more because you are evolving and ready for it.

There are many other things that are occurring within and around this event and many others who are sharing ways to help you acclimate to the energy. It is also a time of trusting your inner guidance more as you allow your frequency to be known and felt by others. It is safe to re-claim your unique frequency as this is a deeper conscious connection to who and what you are: The embodiment of Source/God/Creator that you are here to experience in this lifetime.

It is with joy and much love that we bring you this message.