These words came to me just a few minutes ago:  "You do not need to fear your imagination.“

I understand the message.  We have an imagination so that we can envision our greatest, grandest life, or what we want for ourselves.  I believe that many people make full use of their imaginations, and it’s my feeling they are among the very successful and fulfilled people in the world.

I believe that I received that message for a few reasons.  1.  I have not been making full use of my imagination.  2.  Because I feared what it meant if I did.

What is scary about imagining the life of your dreams?  Plenty if it means that change is involved.  It can also be scary to imagine your life with certain people in it, when it seems that there is no way that they could ever fill the imaginary role you have them playing.  So we shut down our expanded visions, dreams, and desires.

I have been paying close attention to myself lately.  In particular my relationship with myself.  I have deepened my relationship to self by appreciating me, and what I bring to the world.  I am not a pushover when it comes to doing for others while putting myself last.  I love me.  That’s a huge step for me, and along the way, I have been allowing myself to imagine my life in a greater and grander way; not shutting the door on dreams and thoughts that surface and used to seem completely out of reach.

I am no longer afraid of my imagination.  Ok, things don’t always turn out as I want or planned, but sometimes they turn out better, or in a way that I could not have foreseen.  Relationships with people I have known for many years as well as my relationship with my own children have shifted and expanded in amazing and wonderfully heart opening ways as I have deepened my relationship with myself.  I am letting my imagination take it from here, letting go of self imposed fears and limits.