Time For a Tune-Up: Balance and Align

And so we come to you today to offer guidance and support. We see you as you traverse the challenges of the physical body, and we honor each of you as you continue to climb towards the ever deepening realization of what is True.

What is True? The truth is a constant, the only constant that exists. The Truth is that you are energy, the energy of Love.

This is as basic as it gets Dear Ones, and this is all that you need right now.

You dear humans have always enjoyed making things more complicated than necessary, and here we offer you this very simple Truth:

You are Love.

Pause in your day; breathe deeply, intentionally calming and balancing yourself, allowing this Truth to integrate, to sink in.

Understand that as you read these words, you are reading them within a dimension of the highest frequency. Therefore it matters not when or how often you read these words; you are reading them from and within the realm of Love. When you pause, and acknowledge that you are in the realm of Love, you integrate the words and the energy into the very deepest part of you.

As you consciously align to this frequency of Love, you also bring the body, the mind and your spirit into alignment with each other, further balancing and deepening the integration of your soul self. Envision the body, mind and spirit coming into alignment and notice the light, the energy as this occurs. Feel it within you.

This is the work for the present moment dear ones: Balance and Alignment.

Think of your car and how much better it feels, how much more efficient it runs when all is aligned and in balance.

Much clearing was accomplished in the last month, so realigning to that which is True is a necessary piece of the ultimate healing which you are here to bring forth and be a part of.

Some of you experienced physical dis-comfort as well as mental and emotional anguish as old patterns and beliefs were made known to the conscious mind. Now, as you re align and come back into a deeper awareness of Who you are, your vision is that much clearer, and without judgment you are able to fully understand the desires of the Ego self. You are now able to acknowledge the choices that you made in the past, trusting your soul, your heart with more confidence, knowing that new choices come from the part of you that is Holy and Divine.  These choices Dear Ones, are for the highest and best of All, and you are a part of All.

As you move through your current trajectory both as an energetic field of mass consciousness and as a human with an awareness of  your individuality, change is occurring with an intensity that you have not yet experienced.  Please let go of any self judgment about where you are in your life.

Self judgment is a pervasive virus that spreads and infects everyone that you share that energy with.  As self judgment spreads it becomes a systemic dis-ease that goes deep within the human psyche and feeds upon self worth, eating it away to feed it’s voracious appetite. This is a vicious cycle and it is time for it to end. You have more control over the ending of this cycle than you used to believe that you did.

You read that correctly: You USED TO BELIEVE that you had no control, and that is changing.

“Surrender all to God” is what people would say; “God knows all, we humans know nothing.” You humans are a part of God, you are made of the same stuff: LOVE. So when you surrender to God you are surrendering to your very own self, in the deepest sense.

Therefore you have more control than you used to believe, and it comes from choices made from the Truth of Who you are.

Changes bring shifts in your expanding awareness and they are part of the norm now.

Welcome to your ever-expanding self awareness.

Tomorrow will bring new energy, as will the day after that.

What a gift it is to be experiencing this as a human in your beautiful physical bodies! What joy it is to deepen into your heart’s knowing and to welcome your Divinity fully and completely into this existence here on Earth!

Breathe deeply of this, integrate and own it, for it is your birth-right.

We see you, we honor and love you and ask that you do the same for yourself and each other.