Whenever you have a shift in your perception of things, whether it is a shift in perception about yourself, or your external reality, you are jumping into a new timeline.

It is rarely abrupt. It is organic to you, and most of the time subtle enough that you have an inner shift, which alters your vibration and the energy around you.

Understand that timelines are not linear. They are interconnected and form a kind of spiral energetic pattern in the quantum soup that you are and that you exist in. Because you are changing rapidly at the quantum level, you move into other timelines more in each next moment of Now than you ever have before, and you are becoming more aware of it.

Now there can be abrupt shifts, in which you are consciously aware that something within you has changed. If you experience something or receive information that radically alters your experience and perception of something, then you are jumping a timeline. Your reality is slightly different because you have moved to another timeline. When you have a healing around a pattern or a belief that changes your perception, again, a slightly different timeline opens up for you.

Timelines are constantly crossing and you are always feeling the experiences of past and future timelines. They overlap and cross in ways that are hard to describe, yet your soul is always aware of the shifts.

There are myriad timelines. Each choice you make (consciously or unconsciously)  creates the timeline that you are aware of and currently existing in, and each choice you do not make also creates a timeline.

There are some who are currently creating timelines out of fear. This is the old way of doing things, yet the mind and ego will try to redirect you to stay the course even when the ship is sinking. This is contributing to divisiveness and judgment of your fellow human Beings, as well as fear for many who are existing in these timelines.

There are some who are envisioning a new earth that is very different from the old earth and those people are creating timelines of a higher vibration. When you are in the feeling nature of creating a new world based in Grace, your timelines connect with and strengthen those of like vibration. 

We are not saying that any of these timelines are wrong, they are simply choices that you are able to make in order to experience being human.

By now you are well acquainted with Grace, your natural state of Being, and when you are existing in Grace you are telling the cosmos that you are grateful, and feel deep compassion and love for yourSelf and all Beings. You are magnetizing that to you, as the cosmos is simply the grandest aspect of your own Divine consciousness, or the quantum stuff of which you are made. You ARE That and That IS you.

Use your imagination, which is intimately linked to your intuition and begin to visualize the new earth; the world that you desire to live in. As you do, drop into the feeling nature of living in a world of fresh air and water, healthy people, abundance and love. 

There is immense power in this and you are literally manifesting what your heart desires and magnetizing to you those timelines of a higher vibration by changing your perception of earth and all that exist on her.

Let’s take this a step further.

You are the microcosm of what is happening globally. Your own personal ascension journey is intricately linked with that of earth. So as you love yourself, love your body, and invite it to come into balance and alignment, your body will respond directly to that by healing in the ways that you are ready to heal for your highest and best.

You are also the macrocosm that holds the microcosm, so as you do this, you are affecting the earth so that she too comes into balance and alignment, releasing all of her old karmic energy, 

The earth heals and ascends as you heal and ascend. 

You, the earth and everyone on her are regenerating, rejuvenating and reversing eons of damage done.

This is what is effectively creating the new earth timeline where you exist as a new, spiritual human Being.