I posted this on Face Book today:

I had some interesting thoughts this morning. I am going to share them with you lucky (!) and lovely people.
I find it interesting how FB tends to narrow the scope of the people that we receive posts from; I am really not sure if it something that I am doing on my end or not, but I have the desire to tell All of You this: 
I think of most of you quite often. I think of people that I have not spoken to in days, months or even years. You will often simply pop into my thoughts, and sometimes I will reach out and connect is some way, other times I will just smile and think something positive and send it your way. 
If you are reading this, then without a doubt you were meant to see it. If anyone shares this and someone else that I know reads it, then I want you to know that you have been in my thoughts.
We are all connected, and we are all starting to understand this at a much deeper level.
So with that being said, my heart is full of gratitude and love and my thoughts are positive as I hit “post” and these words go out into the world.