Total and complete trust.  Have you ever felt that you totally trusted anyone?  Better yet, have you ever really totally trusted yourself?  

It requires unbelieving some really old, deeply embedded beliefs.  It involves allowing yourself to evolve.

Simply allow.



There is nothing that you have to do. (Another old belief: That there is always something for us to do! Let it go.)

Your soul; that part of you that is Divinity, knows exactly what to do.  Not your mind, it wants to call the shots.  (Your mind is a gift, so we are not slandering it here, only asking it to relax; go to the beach for a while.)  

Within the wholeness that you are, there is a radiant, vibrant, healthy energy that is a standard.  It is your original blueprint.  Simply trust this, and allow your body/mind/spirit (or Oneness) to evolve based on this energy; this energy that is you.   There is no need to hang onto anything anymore; holding on inhibits the evolution.  Trust yourself, trust the change that is happening regardless of how hard to resist it.  Trust me, it is much easier that way.