Change occurs constantly. There is no such thing as stasis, yet there is always the potential of finding balance, if not an equilibrium.

You do this with and through your conscious intention.

You have grown very accustomed to doing things unconsciously. What you call your daily grind is mostly thoughts, words and actions that are generated from the ego/mind.

There is nothing wrong with that.

It is simply an old way of doing

You are very much well into your new way of Being.

The past handful of years ushered in this time of transition, and during this time, your awareness expanded exponentially.

What you consider to be challenging times are also times of intense and immense growth. During times of growth, one becomes very aware of the old foundations, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve the collective. 

Beliefs change. New ideas surface. People change their minds and wonder why others are not following suit.

All that is old is brought into the light, therefore it is seen in this new and different light; the light of awareness. 

Judgment surfaces, and that too is seen in this new light.

Conflict may arise, as judgment surfaces. 

These are the challenging times.

Change brings the destruction of old foundations, which can instigate further disruption. Growth and awareness occur and eventually become apparent to the collective. Awareness is not limited to the growth stage, as they go hand in hand. Growth is actually happening as the old is crumbling. Growth occurs constantly, as change brings growth. 

As the Queen of England departed her physical body and ascended into the non physical, there was a collective energetic shift felt around the world. One who is beyond just being famous, but so well known has that effect on the collective. Her passing shifted the awareness within the psyche of the collective. The rainbow seen over parts of London at time of the Queen’s passing was symbolic and significant, and the world witnessed it.

A collective shift in the consciousness of humanity is happening now..

You play an integral role in how this shift in awareness moves forth, shaping the coming months and years.