It is a new season, therefore it is time to shift yet again. This means that you are on the verge, some of you, of moving into something very different. We do not like to give specifics because you will then tend to have expectations, and having an expectation is a very limiting, constricting energy. Instead we invite you to embrace the changes, be in the flow of expectancy, knowing that all is truly well with the energy shifts, even the chaos that some of you may feel at times. We also said “some of you” because others of you are already aware of, and in the process of major shifts and changes. We speak here of potential shifts in every aspect of your current life: Work, where you live, your family, and most of all, your beliefs. Things are shifting, and when this happens, chaos is what many of you perceive.

Chaos is simply a perception of your external reality.

You have much more control of your external reality that you believe that you do. In fact, you create your reality. You already know this. We bring it to your conscious awareness here and now, so that you are able to amplify this knowing, anchoring it deep within you as you simultaneously relieve yourself of the burden of old energy. This old energy is the energy of the belief patterns that you have carried within you for a very long time. You carry the energy of belief patterns within your cells as well as in your energy field. Old beliefs, which we could call “lies,” are also carried in your Akashic Records. So you see, the Records are always evolving. It is a dynamic realm, changing as you change your thoughts. When you release old energy from yourself, you are affecting not only your Akash, but the Aklash of All That Is, because you are a part of All That Is.

So you are in the midst of great change, releasing lifetimes of destructive belief patterns.

Friends, this is the best news! You have, in your human existence, never evolved this rapidly in one lifetime. You came here for this, knowing that you would be challenged in many ways, knowing that each challenge is an opportunity for growth not just for you, but for everyone. You see, you are doing the work for yourself, for your own growth and evolution, but you are also working for the collective. You are also working for your own ancestors, because you are your own ancestors. You carry their DNA, and within that DNA is the cellular memory of every belief and pattern that has been taught, remembered, or handed down in every generation and in all realms of time. The collective energy of these now damaging beliefs is heavy dear friends, and it literally weighs you down as you continue to climb your sacred mountain on your journey of ascension. It is as if you are shedding layers of old, dirty, outworn, heavy clothing, as you free yourself energetically, spiritually, and even physically of old patterns. And one of the biggest damaging beliefs is one that concerns your physical body. Your physical form is an amazing structure that was made to be able to re-create itself at the atomic level as needed. In other words, your body has the ability to heal itself. You have had myriad existences to discount that fact, and the belief that the body must age rapidly, contract dis-ease and illness, become decrepit and fail, is one of the biggest lies that you are ready to relieve yourself of. It is heavy, dense and destructive to you now in your expanding state of conscious awareness. Yes, the body will one day wear out, and you will move to another state of Being, but the process can be slowed down considerably, and it is never too late to recognize and trust the ability that your physical form has to regenerate healthy new cells.

So we invite you today to be with us as we take you back to the womb of the Mother of All. This is the primordial womb, the place of creation. Here you are consciousness, not yet formed into the soul. Here you are not yet aware of the trauma of separation from that which created you. When you chose to become a soul, when you chose to experience all that you could experience in a physical form, you were birthed into a body and had your umbilical cord cut, separating you from the source of life and love. This caused you to feel separate and therefore alone, cut off from Source. This is the biggest lie: you are not separate from That which created you; you never have been and you never will be. So here, now, we invite you to rest in the womb of the mother of all, feeling the hands of the father cradling the womb that you rest in. As you exhale, relaxing the muscles of the belly, find yourself energetically reconnecting through the umbilical cord, to the Source of All life and feel the energetic flow. Here, now, let the energy of Source move through you, carrying out all that is ready to be released…Giving yourself permission to begin to unburden yourSelf of the heaviness of the old beliefs that no longer need to weigh you down. Trust in this, knowing that it continues long after you have left this room. It is happening regardless of your level of awareness, we simply bring it to your awareness to aid in your soul’s empowerment, to deepen your awareness within this realm of healing and peace. Rest in this truth, allowing the integration to deepen, broaden and expand into all of time and space….