We will never tell you what you should or need to do. You always have the choice, and no choice is wrong. A choice is simply a choice. What we will say to you is that choices made from the heart will have a different (Higher) frequency than choices made from ego.

Ego has historically made choices that were 

  1. based in fear.
  2. Based on instant gratification. 
  3. Self serving choices, not necessarily in the highest and best for all.

You create your external reality through the energy and vibration of your thoughts. When you are in fear, that is the vibration that is reflected back to you. When you are in gratitude, that is the vibration that is reflected back to you. You make the choice as to what energy and vibration you are offering to the world and beyond, so you are making the choice as to what you are choosing to receive.

Your imagination is extremely important. It is directly connected to your inner vision, your intuition, your third eye, your pineal gland. Clairvoyance is the ability you all have when your imagination has been exercised frequently enough so that the visions you “see” with your inner eye (or inside your head) seem to be a logical next step. In other words, they no longer seem made up or fantastical. This is a major step in your expansion and the deepening of our inner senses.

Exercise your imagination (and build your clairvoyance muscle) and envision a peaceful world where everyone radiates vibrant good health, the air is clean and there is plenty of food and resources for all. 

You are in a time of uncertainty and chaos, which is necessary as much is being brought to the light in order to be acknowledged and healed.

It is OK to acknowledge your uncertainty as that presents a starting place to take control of what you are feeling and therefore, what you are putting out into the universe. 

You can say “I feel uncertain now, and I choose to feel better. I choose to feel more in control of my circumstances right now, in this moment. I choose to feel more sure.”
In doing this, you are shifting your point of attraction away from uncertainty. The universe will begin to send you opportunities, events and circumstances that will help you feel more sure.
Strengthen this by offering gratitude for what you know is coming to you. “Thank you for the positive resolution to this situation.” 

“Thank you for my ability to feel empowered in this situation.”

“Thank you for a peaceful outcome.”

When you acknowledge your feelings it puts you in the present moment, the only moment there is. In this moment is where you connect with Source consciousness and decide what should happen next.

Feel the energy of this.