Home is in your heart. Your heart is how and where you connect (from a human perspective) to Home, which is from whence you came. Home is pure consciousness. It is the Creator, it is what you might call God. Home can be a physical place for a physical being, but what you feel in your heart is your own God Self.

You are a conglomeration of many living beings. Your DNA contains every race, every star seed. What shows up when you test your DNA is only what humans are able to actively identify, so from the human perspective, there is unknown (formally known as ‘junk) DNA. This will change in the future as more of your star family show up for you here on earth.

You are a humanitarian, one who is here for the continued growth and from your perspective, improvement of the human race. From our perspective, nothing has to be improved. That is one of your current beliefs, and it serves you well because you are driven to help others by it.