We welcome you to our realm of peace, healing and Divine Knowing. This realm is our realm, and “our” refers to All of us including You. You reside here, just as you reside in all realms. Your awareness is in the realm of your Earth existence, yet you are also aware of all of time and space. You are re-membering and re-cognizing Who You Are in every next moment of Now, and it is all happening faster than you have ever experienced it. Everything is being reconfigured, including You, and for some, this generates many deep and often conflicting feelings and emotions.

Sadness, hopelessness, anxiety and fear are prevalent. There are many obvious reasons for these feelings, and there are many that are not so obvious. We are here to discuss the not so obvious ones.

You are consciously evolving. Conscious evolution means that you are aware that you are changing; physically, emotionally and mentally, but the ego may resist the changes. This causes conflicting emotions. You are shedding layers of fear from your physical, emotional and energetic bodies faster than you have ever shed anything before, and this may cause deep and unexplained sadness, anxiety, even anger. You have held fear in your body, mind and energy field for so long that as it falls away so quickly you may feel exposed, vulnerable, unsafe, even lonely. You see, fear is a known thing. Even though you don’t want to feel fear, it is challenging for the ego to release because the ego knows and understands fear. Fear has been a protective layer for you and as you continue to awaken to your soul’s guidance, you no longer need it. The fear we speak of is the fear of acknowledging your True Self. Your True Self is what is the most real about you; everything else is an illusion. You are used to illusions; the world you live in is an illusion so your ego is afraid of the illusion dissolving. And dissolving it is.

A large part of the protective layer that is falling away is the desire to label yourself, therefore everyone and everything else. Labels are constricting. Your ego accepts the labels therefore they become true for you, so you exist within the limiting energy of the labels that you have acquired in this lifetime as well as the patterns from the labels of other existences. In your expanding awareness you are also expanding the labels, but they are still labels. You are becoming more accepting, and that is a very big step in the right direction. We invite you to examine and begin to let go of the labels that you have taken on. This leads to greater freedom, acceptance and expansiveness in your own awareness of Self, which can only lead to greater freedom, acceptance and expansiveness in your awareness of All. When you actively shift, you are inviting those around you to shift as well. 

This is an amazing time to be a human Being. In many ways we envy the immense shifts and changes that you are bringing about in your current world. You will look back upon this Time of Great Change and marvel at how much you accomplished together.

You are invited to let go. Simply LET GO of every label, every pre-conceived idea about yourself and how the ego (or anyone else) thinks you should be. Step fully into the unknown embracing the Source Energy that You Are, and trust. Source (Your Own Source/Self) will never lead you astray. The unknown is NEW ENERGY that is RIPE WITH POTENTIAL. You came here to take advantage of it! Use it. You are now in the stage of your conscious awareness where you will only use energy in ways that are best for ALL because you now know that You are an integral part of ALL. You are more in tune with your own soul than you have ever been, and again, your soul will not lead you astray. This does not mean that there will not be bumps in the road, but it does mean that you view them from your soul’s higher perspective, and from that purview, everything looks, feels and IS different. Relationships may be different. Your work may be different. Your body is certainly different, and maybe not in the ways that you once believed that it would be. 

As fear continues to fall away and as you actively step away from labels, old patterns and beliefs, everything becomes new and different. Old energy is surfacing, gasping for it’s last breath, and you are living your own version of that in various degrees of comfort or uncertainty, and you chose to be here for the duration. Congratulations for bringing your self awareness to this grand game. We remind you that your circle of influence is greater than you can imagine, so as you step away from all that is old, it affects everyone around you as well as those that you meet even briefly. The energy continues to expand outward into the infinite realms. You are more powerful than you think, but in ways that may be very different than what you used to believe.

Welcome to the vast unknown, the void, the energy of infinite potential.