You are all that is, so you are the planets, the sun, the galaxy, the galactic center. You are all that is: The microcosm in the macrocosm and the macrocosm that holds the microcosm.

You are experiencing the planetary and astrological shifts that contribute to your ever expanding awareness and major shifts in consciousness because YOU are all of that. You planned it this way. YOU, as the consciousness of Creator/Source, are the maestro who composes, orchestrates and experiences all of this.

We that speak to you now are also all of this, and YOU. You are downloading information and energy that originates from YOU. You are re-membering Who You Are.

As you do this you are literally shedding all of the now outdated patterns and energy that have kept you from re-membering all of this. You are now ready to shift as a Whole. You are re-uniting with all aspects of Your Self. Welcome back. Or rather, you are welcoming Your Self back.

Nov. 20,2019