We are here for you. We are always here, waiting for you to take the time to open the space for us to be within the energy that you are. When you do become still and settle into the stillness, our “voices” come from within you. There is no differentiation between us and you at the energetic level. You have currently chosen to be in physical form, therefore you are still limited by your physical senses, so you feel yourself to be separate. In this regard you are separate, but never at the energetic level. Within your limiting yet beautiful and miraculous physical forms, you carry your Akashic memories. You carry the energy of these memories in your cells, in your DNA. You effectively bring forth with you into each physical incarnation, a genetically transferred “memory” from every other existence that you are concurrently living in, Now. What does this mean for you? It means so much dear friends, because it is in this existence that you are becoming aware enough; remembering Who You Are, that you are now able to acknowledge, examine, and release these old beliefs and patterns. This is the freedom that you seek.

You create your own reality.

You have been creating your own reality from the moment that you emerged as a soul from the womb of the creator. This is what you chose to do: Experience. Create. Feel.

Your soul family; those other energetic beings that you have experienced so many lifetimes with chose to show their unconditional love for you by challenging you, and vice versa. You have learned so very much from each other! You have also created a world that is waking up just as you are.

In other realms, you have created worlds where you could not survive. It is impossible for you to become extinct, yet you have created worlds where you effectively killed yourselves off. Your souls of course never die, they transition into form yet again in order for you to continue to learn, to experience all that there is to experience.

And here you are friends, living in a world of your own creation, that is remembering right along with you, Who and What She is. She is also releasing old patterns and energy.

It is the time you have been waiting for.

So what is it that you are to do?

You create a New World.

How do you create a New World?

You shift your perceptions.

You change your beliefs.

You change your beliefs by examining them to uncover deeper beliefs and patterns. You are doing this NOW. You are in the process of examining and releasing fear based, old beliefs and patterns that limit you. This process, as lovely and powerful as it is, brings change, and for many of you, the changes are challenging. Many of you feel loss, grief, hopelessness at times so acutely that you are not sure where to turn or what to do.

There are many factors that contribute to this.

Your soul families are often supportive, but they are often not in a safe enough place within themselves for change. So when you begin to shift your perceptions, examining  your beliefs, and changing your behavior, some of those who are close to you resist it. Sometimes those you love fall away, sometimes for a time, sometimes for good. Sometimes those that you love challenge your choices and beliefs because they are in the midst of their own process, and do not want you to change, even if it is unhealthy not to. Others may step into your life, as you begin to create a new reality.

You are in the midst of this now.

You are a beacon of light. You are here to show others the way. You are here to help your sisters and brothers to awaken. And you do this by Being You; by creating a new reality. By changing your perceptions and beliefs about your Self.

This applies to every aspect of your life.

Understand that it has taken you lifetimes to internalize many of these beliefs. And for many, there is a period of releasing blame. Let us explain: Each of you carries the energy of the victim archetype because you have been a victim, many times over. This Akashic “memory” carries energy and you store that energy within you DNA. As you continue the process of examining and releasing old beliefs, you come to a realization that you are indeed the one responsible for your life, not your parents, not your teachers, nor the ones who abused you.

You are familiar with the analogy of peeling away the layers of the onion.

The more layers you peel away, the closer to the root of the belief you get, and the root is what is to be dug up, so to speak.
As there is only One of You, and You are One with All, you are the creator of your reality.

There is so much good news dear friends!

You are doing this now.

You are instigating and creating change as you are shedding the layers of old beliefs. You are connecting to and aligning with the Love that is at the core of you.

Love is what you are, and you are truly beginning to believe this Truth.

Your beautiful world is reflecting back to you this process, and you are feeling the “loss” of your “old” selves as well as your “old” world.
Remember, we have told you that history is irrelevant, it cannot repeat itself. You are past that now.

You are in the Unknown: The Infinite Potential, and we invite you to shift your awareness, your perception to THAT. Be Here Now and embrace it, for it is ripe with potential.

Be in gratitude for Who You Are and use your multidimensional abilities to experience the Infinite Potential, creating your reality from this place of self empowerment, not victim hood and blame.

Create your New World from the deep sense of inner peace that is and always has been within you.

You are an infinite being, being infinite, and it is a time of great change as you awaken to the potential of Who You Are, free of self imposed limitations.

Help each other through this amazing time of change, for as you help each other, you are helping your Selves. It is with deep love and honor that we witness You today and every day.