This is a global crisis, but it is not the end of the world. This is a restructuring, and we have told you before that there would be many kinds of changes happening. Change; real change, involves restructuring the foundation, otherwise what is built on top cannot be supported.

This global crisis is causing a restructuring of your economic foundations. Everyone feels the effects of this foundational restructuring because your own personal economic structure has been built upon what has existed for hundreds of years. Notice that we say “global crisis” instead of naming it. This is because the label carries an energy that generates fear. Fear feeds upon fear, and we are here to help you to dispel fear. We do this by reminding you to return to your natural state of Being: Grace. 

It is very easy to fall into old patterns of believing that you must go out and buy toilet paper, water, etc. in the event that you must go into isolation. In fact, it is much easier to fall back into this feeling, this belief, than it is to step away and recenter yourself into your natural state of Being. Now is the time to remember who and what you are and that your natural state of Being is not fear. It is the opposite of fear: LOVE. 

Being alert is one thing; being in fear is another. Being alert, aware and conscious of your surroundings, your actions, your thoughts and words is positive and helpful to yourself and others. It is self empowering and that is what is going to be helpful now. Fear thrives on more fear and instigates panic. 

We are here to say that you will survive this, and the outcome will be a more stable structure. We also remind you that You Control Your Vibration, so what are you consciously choosing? Love or fear?