“I am not afraid, I was born to do this.” Yes, you were born to do this. Oh, and you were meant to enjoy it too. 

Joan of Arc said those words as she faced certain death.  We all face certain death, but not the death of our souls, for our souls exist forever.  But that is not what this post is about…This post is about letting go of the fear of Living.  

I have lived what some would consider to be half of my life already.  I personally don’t believe that it has to be half over; after all, my dad is 96 and still going strong.  During my years in this life on earth I have had some interesting experiences. They’ve not all been joyful, but most definitely interesting.  I would not change any of it, and I do not regret any choices that I have made.  I have learned from my choices, and I realized today that we can choose to be happy or sad in any given moment regardless of what is happening in our experience of what we call life.

Life is precious and tenuous.  It can change in an instant, so why not be happy?  I choose to spend my moments focused on love, joy, happiness, being of service to others.  I was born to do this, and I am not afraid.