When you move a great deal of energy, which you are doing right now, you will feel it. You’ll feel it in your physical body through what you call symptoms of dis-ease. You might feel it moving through your emotional body, causing you to feel intense sadness, frustration and anger. Emotions can be triggered by others or may seem to arise from nowhere. You may feel mentally exhausted or as if your intelligence has left you for a brighter place. 

All of this is to some extent, true. Your physical body has to process the energy that is moving through you in some way, and you are all acquainted with myriad symptoms of dis-ease so you label the manifestation of moving energy as illness. 

The emotions that surface need to be acknowledged and allowed to run their course, and you are remembering how to do this without projecting them onto others. 

You are losing your mind, which is a good thing because you are remembering that you are able to think with your heart. What is actually happening is that you are deepening your connection between the mind and the heart. 

Nothing is static, all is in constant motion and you (your cells, your energy, the very consciousness that You Are) are no exception.

Using your imagination, feel yourself in constant energetic motion. Imagine your heart and mind connected and visualize the unimpeded flow of energy and information between them. When you do this, you are creating something. Your energy field is a high frequency alchemical chamber in which you are capable of moving and manipulating energy. You are constantly rearranging the molecules in your own body, so why not do it consciously through and in Grace. (Grace is your natural state of Being and is (but not limited to) unconditional love, gratitude, forgiveness, joy, peace, wonder, curiosity.) 

Your imagination is the root of what you call magic: You are able to imagine anything and create it! This has always been available to you, you just did not believe it. 

Believe it now. 

It is time to create a New Way of Being on a New Earth. You are in the magical and powerful place of conscious transition within the Void, where all of your old perceptions no longer exist and you are in the process of creating new ones. You are here to create wisely in and through Grace. 

Settle into the truth of this. Ignite your imagination, envision what you desire to experience. You have had plenty of practice creating what you do not desire, now use this to create Your Heart’s Desires for the Highest Good.